1871 census district 082c2 family 185  @ca.on. renfrew_county_north. westmeath_township page 058 film C10021 lds0349195
HAWKINS Thomas m 30 Ont CofE Irish farmer married
HAWKINS {CHILDERHOSE} Frances f 29 Ont CofE Irish married
   linked as maiden name  CHILDERHOSE Frances
    Thomas 50 with Frances 48 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 259
HAWKINS William m 4 Ont CofE Irish
HAWKINS Robert m 3 Ont CofE Irish
HAWKINS Sharlott f 1 Ont CofE Irish
HAWKINS Elizabeth f 2/12 born Feb 1871 Ont CofE Irish
    family plots documented by OGS Sudbury Branch (Anglican and wife Eyre)

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