1871 census district 079d family 001  @ca.on.lanark_county.burgess_north page 001 film C10017 lds0349194
1 ADAM/ADAMS James m 48 Ont RC German farmer married
2 ADAM/ADAMS {BYRNE} Agnes f 36 Ont RC Irish married aka BYRNES
   linked as maiden name  BYRNE Agnes
    ADAM/ADAMS James and wife BYRNE Agnes married 1854
3 ADAM/ADAMS Mary f 42 Ont RC German seamstress
4 ADAM/ADAMS Peter m 15 Ont RC German farmer
5 ADAM/ADAMS Catharine f 13 Ont RC German
6 ADAM/ADAMS James m 11 Ont RC German
married 1887 to McNOLTY Fanny aka McNULTY Fanny dtr of McNOLTY James and wife POTTER Mary Ann
    ADAM/ADAMS James 28 lodger stationary engineer at GOUGEON boarding house Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 398
7 ADAM/ADAMS Bridget f 9 Ont RC German
8 ADAM/ADAMS Mary Ann f 7 Ont RC German
9 ADAM/ADAMS Patrick m 4 Ont RC German
10 ADAM/ADAMS Harry m 11/12 Ont RC German
    research by Jane Marshall of OGS Sudbury Branch

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