1871 census district 076e1 family 160  @ca.on.russell_county.glouchester page 045 film C10012 lds0349191
13 CUSSON Isidore m 54 Que RC French farmer married
    CUSSON Isidore died 1882 66 husband of LAURIN Zoe"
    burial documented @ca.on.carleton_county.orleans.saint_joseph_rc
    source: lds1302155 St Joseph register folio 180
14 CUSSON {BERGERON} Zoe f 49 Que RC French married
   linked as maiden name  BERGERON Zoe
    caution: some confusion in sources - could be BERGERON Zoe or LAURIN Zoe
    CUSSON Isidore and wife BERGERON Zoe godparents at 1873 baptism @ca.on.carleton_county.orleans.saint_joseph_rc of CUSSON Zoe Adelaide dtr of CUSSON Isidore and wife AUBIN Genevieve
    source: lds1302155 St Joseph register folio 206
15 CUSSON Maxime m 19 Ont RC French blacksmith
16 CUSSON Exina f 13 Ont RC French
17 CUSSON Onesime m 11 Ont RC French
18 BELANGER Ismael m 22 Que RC French shantyman
19 BELANGER Zotique m 20 Que RC French shantyman
20 BELANGER Alphonse m 13 Que RC French

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