1871 census district 024e family 206  @ca.on.wentworth_county.hamilton_city.saint_patrick_ward pages 59,60 film C9928 lds0349151
MURISON George m 49 Scot CPres Scotch married builder
MURISON {?} Ann f 49 Scot CPres Scotch married
    Ann maiden name FARQUER in 1877 wedding record of son MURISON William
    Ann maiden name FARGHAR in 1880 wedding record of dtr MURISON Louisa
    MURISON George 60 and wife Ann 60 Hamilton 1881 census district 149d3 family 0322
MURISON Mary Ann f 25 Ont CPres Scotch
MURISON William m 21 Ont CPres Scotch
married 1877 to IRVING Mary R. Delia dtr of IRVING William and wife PASTTON Annie
MURISON Annie f 18 Ont CPres Scotch
married 1878 @ca.on.wentworth_county.ancaster to PIERCY Charles son of PIERCY Christopher and wife Harriet
    PIERCY Charles 26 and wife Annie 27 Hamilton 1881 census district 149g3 family 0193
    PIERCY Charles 36 and wife Annie 37 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 045
    PIERCY Charles born 1854 and wife Annie born 1854 Sturgeon Falls 1901 census district 092c2.3 family 030
MURISON Helen f 16 Ont CPres Scotch
MURISON Alice f 14 Ont CPres Scotch
    MURISON Alice married 1877 @ca.on.halton.nelson.burlington to HAYGARTH Thomas
MURISON Jessie f 12 Ont CPres Scotch
married 1880 to AWTY Arthur son of AWTY John and wife CHAPMAN Elizabeth
MURISON Louisa f 10 Ont CPres Scotch
married 1880 to WALLS John son of WALLS Edward and wife DOBSON Francis

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