1871 census district 006a2 family 144  @ca.on.elgin.yarmouth_township page 037 film C9898 lds0349138 concession 10 lot 12 owner according to agricultural schedule page 008
4 MILLS George m 40 Eng Meth English farmer married
5 MILLS {?} Hester Ann f 34 Ont Meth English married
6 MILLS Frances f 9 Ont Meth English
7 MILLS Eliza J. f 7 Ont Meth English
    MILLS Eliza Jane married 1885 @ca.on.elgin.yarmouth_township to QUIGLEY William son of QUIGLEY Sylvester and wife Mary Elizabeth.
    QUIGLEY William 27 and wife Eliza 26 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 244
8 MILLS Henry G. m 2 Ont Meth English
married 1890-06-04 @ca.on.elgin to NORTON Mary Elestie daughter of NORTON James and wife Susan

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