POYEA 1861 census on480 page 038 line 01  @ca.on.nipissing_district section 6 film C1091 lds0390225 "comprising all the unsurveyed territory lying Westerly of the Levayea Rapids on the Ottawa, to Lakes Temiskaming and Nipissing, and Southerly to the Petawawa, and Westerly to its most Westerly lake"
01 BROWN John m 34 Ont Episcopalian manufacturer of timber
    not member of family according to 1861 census column 16
    residence White Lake
02 BROWN David m 27 Ont Episcopalian labourer
03 GREEN Robert m 24 Ont CofS labourer
04 HOPPER Arthur m 18 Ont Episcopalian labourer
05 CLARK George m 19 Que Episcopalian labourer
06 DUPUIS Pierre m 35 Que Episcopalian labourer
07 LABELL Pierre m 28 Que RC labourer
    LABELL in census but LABELLE more likely
08 POYEA Joseph m 25 Que RC labourer
    Enumerator's remarks column 60 for lines 1-8: "7 League Lake on Ottawa River. These persons occupy Mr. John BROWN's Farm in the District of Nipissing. His chantiers are on the North Side of Seven League Lake. These men are not taken.
    indexed 2008 by Eric Gendron of Verner Ont
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