PESANT 1861 census qc278 page 242 line 43  @ca.qc.laprairie.saint_philippe_paroise part 1 film C1289 lds0517387
43 LEGRAND Joseph m 39 Que RC farmer married wood house
44 LEGRAND {DENAUT} Marie f 40 Que RC married
45 LEGRAND Narcisse m 14 Que RC
46 LEGRAND Alfred m 12 Que RC
47 LEGRAND Jean Baptiste m 10 Que RC
48 LEGRAND Elmir f 6 Que RC
49 CHENAILL Joseph m 32 Que RC journalier (day labourer)
50 LAVOIE Antoine m 20 Que RC
    page 243
01 MONETTE Edwidge F. Que RC
02 PESANT Henry m 35 Que RC instituteur (school teacher) married
03 PESANT {MONETTE} Marie f 22 Que RC married
    Laprairie County research by Kelly Townsend
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PESETTE 1861 census qc137 page 001 line 20  @ca.qc.chateauguay.saint_antoine_abbe film C1274 lds0517369
20 GREGOIRE Moïse m 34 Que RC journalier (day labourer) married wood house
    son of GREGOIRE Simon and GUIELLE Louise
21 GREGOIRE {GOUGEON} Emélie f 34 Que RC married
    dtr of GOUGEON Paul and PESETTE Louise
    married in the year 1849 according to 1861 census
    Moïse and "Marie Louise" married 1848 @ca.qc.chateauguay.sainte_martine
    source: Mariages de la Paroise de Sainte Martine 1823-1872
22 GREGOIRE Marie f 11 Que RC
23 GREGOIRE Cesarie f 8 Que RC
24 GREGOIRE Elisabeth f 5 Que RC
25 GREGOIRE Melanise f 3 Que RC
26 GREGOIRE Osilas f 2 Que RC
    Chateauguay County Research by Kelly Townsend
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PESSIT 1861 census on355 page 011 line 34  @ca.on. renfrew_county. brudenell_township_and_ lyndock_township_and_ radcliffe_township_and_ raglan_township film C1070 lds0349319
34 PESSIT Alex m 19 USA CofS farmer
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