LIMEAL 1861 census on368 page 014 line 23  @ca.on. renfrew_county. wilberforce_township film C1071 lds0349319
23 LIMEAL Gebiah m 25 Que RC culler
    residence Lower Canada
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LIMOGES 1861 census qc226 page 226 line 48  @ca.qc.montcalm.achigan.saint_jacques film C1298 lds0517398
48 BOURGEOIS Régis m 50 cultivateur (farmer) Que RC married
    son of BOURGEOIS Abraham and wife BRO Marie Angélique (married 1794)
    "BOUGAIS Régiste" age 71 and wife Aurelia age 64 St Jacques 1881 census district 089a2 family 0319
49 BOURGEOIS Marcel m 20 cultivateur (farmer) Que RC
50 BOURGEOIS Charles m 20 cultivateur (farmer) Que RC
    page 227
01 BOURGEOIS Narcisse m 17 cultivateur (farmer) Que RC
02 BOURGEOIS Fabien m 13 Que RC
03 BOURGEOIS Joseph m 3 Que RC
04 BOURGEOIS Delphine f 28 Que RC
05 BOURGEOIS Adéle f 14/19? Que RC
    second digit of age not clear
06 BOURGEOIS Julie f 15 Que RC
07 BOURGEOIS Melina f 10 Que RC
08 BOURGEOIS Ozine f 3 Que RC
09 BOURGEOIS {LARIVEE} Aurelie f 47 Que RC married
    dtr of LARIVEE Charles and LIMOGES Archange
    Régis and Aurélie married 1831 @ca.qc.montcalm.achigan.saint_jacques_rc
    BOURGEOIS surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch
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