1861 census district qc577 page 374 line 10  @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique film C1328 lds0517434
10 CLAVEL Louis m 49 Canada RC farmer married
    son of CLAVEL Pascal and wife THIBAULT Marie (married 1801)
11 CLAVEL {RIOPEL} Geneviève f 46 Canada RC married
   linked as maiden name  RIOPEL Geneviève
    dtr of RIOPEL Pierre and wife STUSENXSTER Anne aka SANKESTER
    RIOPEL parents Sainte_Scholastique 1851 census qc518 page 175 line 17
    CLAVEL Louis and RIOPEL Geneviève married 1833 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique_rc
    CLAVEL Louis 36 and wife Geneviève 35 Sainte_Scholastique 1851 census qc518 page 097 line 11
12 CLAVEL Joseph m 17 Canada RC farmer
married 1870 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to PILON Louise dtr of PILON Louis and wife LAPIERRE Zoé
13 CLAVEL Philomène f 16 Canada RC
14 CLAVEL Julie f 12 Canada RC
married 1870 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to AMYOT- VILLENEUVE Olivier son of AMYOT- VILLENEUVE François and wife ROBERT Marguerite
15 CLAVEL Jean Baptiste m 8 Canada RC
16 CLAVEL Adele f 5 Canada RC
married 1880 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to MARTINEAU Napoleon son of MARTINEAU Fréderic and wife ARICHON Philomèene
17 CLAVEL Moïse m 3 Canada RC
18 CLAVEL Louis m 27 Canada RC absent from family
married 1870 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to LAVERDURE Louise dtr of LAVERDURE Félix and wife PLOUFFE Ursule
19 CLAVEL Pierre m 23 Canada RC absent from family
20 CLAVEL Paul m 20 Canada RC absent from family
    CLAVEL surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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