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"REP" 1851 Census


REPSCHER 1851 census on361 page 141 line 23  @ca.on. waterloo_county. wilmot_township section 4 film C11754
23 SCHAFER Mattheus m 44 Hessian Evangelical yeoman married
24 SCHAFER {REPSCHER} Eva Maria f 42 Hessian Evangelical married
   linked as maiden name  REPSCHER Eva Maria
    SCHAFER Mathias 53 and wife Mary 51 Wilmot Township 1861 census on426 page 087 line 30
    SCHAFER Mathias 62 and wife Mary Eve 60 Wilmot Township 1871 census district 031a4 family 085
    SCHAEFER Matthias 73 and wife Eva 70 Wilmot Township 1881 census district 161a1 family 0214
25 SCHAFER Sophia f 19 Canada Evangelical
26 SCHAFER Anna Catherine f 16 Canada Evangelical
27 SCHAFER William m 14 Canada Evangelical
28 SCHAFER Ernestina f 10 Canada Evangelical
29 SCHAFER Heinrich m 9 Canada Evangelical
30 SCHAFER Mattheus m 7 Canada Evangelical
31 SCHAFER George m 4 Canada Evangelical
32 SCHAFER Daniel m 1 Canada Evangelical
    indexed 2007 by Don and Marylin Holmes of Listowel Ontario

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