NANCE 1851 census on008 page 155 line 48  @ca.on. brant_county.dumfries_south_township section 3 film C11714 lds349199
48 NANCE Joseph m 19 Canada UPresb apprentice
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    page 156 scanned image
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NANCY 1851 census on012 page 045 line 36  @ca.on. brant_county.tuscarora_township film C11714 lds349199
36 NANCY f 30 Onandaga Township Pagans
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NANGISHKUNG 1851 census on250 page 041 line 45  @ca.on.ontario_county. mara_and_rama_townships film C11743 lds0349230
45 NANGISHKUNG Jos m 38 Rama Wes Meth Interpreter
46 NANGISHKUNG Sarah f 24 Rama WMeth
47 NANGISHKUNG Elizabeth f 11 Rama WMeth
48 NANGISHKUNG Eliza f 9 Rama WMeth
49 NANGISHKUNG James m 7 Rama WMeth
50 NANGISHKUNG Infant m 1 Rama WMeth
51 NANGISHKUNG Susan f 2 Rama WMeth
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NANGISHKUNG 1851 census on250 page 043 line 44  @ca.on.ontario_county. mara_and_rama_townships film C11743 lds0349230
44 YELLOWHEAD Jsano m 30 Canada WMeth widower
45 NANGISHKUNG Sarah f 23 Canada WMeth
46 YELLOWHEAD Jos m 13 Canada WMeth
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NANGISHKUNG 1851 census on250 page 045 line 26  @ca.on.ontario_county. mara_and_rama_townships film C11743 lds0349230
26 NANGISHKUNG Thomas m 70 Canada WMeth farmer widower
27 NANGISHKUNG Susan f 7 Canada WMeth
28 NANGISHKUNG Samuel m 28 Canada WMeth
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NANGISHKUNG 1851 census on250 page 047 line 10  @ca.on.ontario_county. mara_and_rama_townships film C11743 lds0349230
10 WARSAGISHIGK George m 50 Canada Wes Meth farmer widower
11 WARSAGISHIGK Peter m 18 Canada Wes Meth
12 WARSAGISHIGK Isaac m 10 Canada Wes Meth
13 WARSAGISHIGK Daniel m 5 Canada Wes Meth
14 WARSAGISHIGK Polly f 50 Canada Wes Meth
15 WARSAGISHIGK Mary f 1 Canada Wes Meth
16 NANGISHKUNG Joshua m 18 Canada Wes Meth
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NANKISON 1851 census on246 page 069 line 26  @ca.on.ontario_county. uxbridge_township film C11742 lds0349230
26 WILSON Thomas m 33 Ont no_religion joiner married
27 WILSON {?} Malvina f 25 Ont Baptist married
28 WILSON Mary Jane f 4 Ont Baptist
29 FLANAGHAN William m 10 Ont Baptist
30 RENEES? Peter m 50 Ont Baptist widower Meth joiner married residence_?
    residence elsewhere, indecipherable, and age written "supposed 50"
31 RENEES? {?} Betsey f 45 Ont Baptist married =
32 RENEES? Joseph m 20 Ont Baptist =
33 RENEES? John m 15 Ont Baptist =
34 RENEES? Adam m 12 Ont Baptist =
35 NANKISON Thomas Sen m 70 Ont Meth joiner widower
36 NANKISON Sam m 23 Ont Meth =
37 NANKISON Susanah f 12 Ont Meth
38 DEAROM? Mary f 30 Ont RC
39 DEAROM? Micheal m 10 Ont RC
40 DEAROM? Susan f 5 Ont RC
    Uxbridge in OGSPI 1851-61-71-81-91 indexed by OGS Durham Region Branch
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NANTEL 1851 census qc514 page 047 line 01  @ca.qc.terrebonne.sainte_rose (census has maiden names) film C1145
    note: parish known as Sainte Rose de Lima also known as Sainte Rose de Laval also known as Sainte Rose de Terrebonne also known as Sainte Rose sur L'Isle Jesu also known as Sainte Rose de Montreal. Marriages are published with the title "Sainte Rose sur L'Isle Jesu".
LEGAULT Jean Baptiste farmer m 72 Que RC married
    son of LEGAULT- DESLAURIERS Jacques and DENIS Catherine
LEGAULT {FILIATRAULT} Marie f 71 Que RC married
    dtr of FILITRAULT dit SAINT_LOUIS Pierre and ROBERT Marie Rose
    LEGAULT Jean Baptiste and Marie married 1803
LEGAULT Jean Baptiste farmer m 32 Que RC married
    son of LEGAULT Jean Baptiste and wife FILITREAULT Marie (married 1803)
    LEGAULT Jean Baptiste widower m2 1856 to MAILLE Elizabeth dtr of MAILLE Louis and LEGERE Frances
    LEGAULT Jean Baptiste 41 and wife Elizabeth 30 1861 census district qclaval.sainte_rose page 143
LEGAULT {NADON} Emilie f 31 Que RC married
    dtr of NADON Hyppolyte and wife NANTEL Marie (married 1815)
    LEGAULT Jean Baptiste and NADON Emilie married 1839 @ca.qc.laval_county.sainte_rose_rc
LEGAULT Sophie f 1851-10 Que RC
married 1866 @ca.qc.laval_county.sainte_rose_rc to LABELLE Zepherin son of LABELLE Louis
LEGAULT Jean Baptiste m 8 Que RC
    LEGAULT Jean Baptiste married MOREAU Alphonsine dtr of MOREAU Jean Baptiste and wife GARIEPY Marguerite (married 1837)
    LEGAULT Jean Baptiste 51 and wife Alphonsine 42 Pointe Gatineau 1891 census district 175gg family 188
    LEGAULT Jean Baptiste born 1842 and wife Alphonsine born 1849 Pointe Gatineau 1901 census district 200s family 007
LEGAULT Philias m 6 Que RC
LEGAULT Marcelina f 4 Que RC
married 1866 @ca.qc.laval_county.sainte_rose_rc to FLEURANT Leon
LEGAULT Ovila f 2 Que RC
    LEGAULT " Odile" married 1869 @ca.qc.gatineau.pointe_gatineau.saint_francois_de_salles_rc to BELANGER Elie
LEGAULT Emilie f 1 Que RC
    LEGAULT Emilie married 1872 @ca.qc.gatineau.pointe_gatineau.saint_francois_de_salles_rc to CONSTANTINEAU Napoleon
LEGAULT Delima f 10 Que RC
    documented by descendant KELLY {SAINT_LOUIS} Diane of Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group
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