NAGEL 1851 census on360 page 200 line 18  @ca.on. waterloo_county. waterloo_township section 4 film C11754
18 HOFFMAN Jacob m 42 Pennsylvania Mennonite cabinet mfr. married
19 HOFFMAN {EBY} Veronica f 36 Ont Mennonite married
20 HOFFMAN Isaac m 17 Ont Mennonite not given
21 HOFFMAN Sarah f 15 Ont Mennonite
22 HOFFMAN Susanna f 10 Ont Mennonite
23 HOFFMAN Marion f 6 Ont Mennonite
24 HOFFMAN Rebecca f 4 Ont Mennonite
25 POTH Andrew m 25 Germany Luth cabinet maker
26 GOOD Martin m 20 Ont Mennonite cabinet maker
27 AERMEL Henry m 20 Germany Luth cabinet maker
28 CONRAD George m 24 Germany Luth teamster
29 NAGEL Adam m 22 Germany Luth cabinet maker
30 WEGENAST Martin m 15 Germany Evangelical turner
31 EBY Lidia f 16 Ont Mennonite servant
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NAGLE 1851 census on273 page 122 line 04  @ca.on. perth_county. blanshard_township section 2 film C11747 lds0349235
04 NAGLE James m 18 Ire RC farm labourer
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NAGLE 1851 census on363 page 081 line 01  @ca.on. waterloo_county. wellesley_township section 2 film C11754
01 NAGLE John m 32 Ire RC teacher and married
02 NAGLE {?} Margaret f 28 Ire RC farmer married
03 NAGLE Johanna f 9 Ire RC
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NAGUIER 1851 census on044 page 009 line 46  @ca.on.durham_county. manvers_township section 1 film C11718 lds349203
46 NAGUIER Christopher m 26 Ire New_Connection_Meth labourer
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NAGY 1851 census on360 page 077 line 38  @ca.on. waterloo_county. waterloo_township section 2 film C11754
38 KOENIG George m 50 Germany Luth labourer married
39 KOENIG {GOLDBACH} Elizabeth f 37 Germany Luth wife married
    maiden name from 1858 wedding record of daughter KOENIG Susanna
40 KOENIG Susanna f 13 Germany Luth dtr
    d/o KOENING John G. and wife GOLDBACH Elizabeth according to 1858 wedding record
    KOENIG Susanna of waterloo Township born Germany married 1858-12-25 to FISHER Christian William age 23 of Waterloo Township born Germany s/o FISHER John W. and wife HEIDENBENT Maria Elizabeth
    source: County Marriage Registers of Ontario - Volume 32 Waterloo County page 38
41 KOENIG Karl m 11 Germany Luth son
42 KOENIG Wilhelm m 10 Germany Luth son
43 KOENIG Henry m 8 Germany Luth son
44 KOENIG John m 6 Germany Luth son
45 KOENIG Sarah f 5 Germany Luth son
46 KOENIG Andrew m 2 Germany Luth son
    Page 077 scanned image file
    indexed 2010 for OGSPI by Don Holmes of Listowel Ont
    descendant NAGY Cherie of Orange County California added the following info June 2011
    KOENIG George and most of his family went to Ionia County Michigan.
    One of the sons talked them into changing their last name to KING.
    Some of the family stayed in the Waterloo area and left their name as KOENIG.
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