1851 census district qc174 page 129 line 02  @ca.qc.leinster.achigan.saint_jacques film C1124 lds0517455 county of Leinster in 1851 census only - otherwise Montcalm
02 BOURGEOIS Joseph m 50 cultivateur (farmer) born Saint Jacques RC
    son of BOURGEOIS Claude and wife MARTIN Elizabeth aka Izabel (married 1798)
03 BOURGEOIS {MIREAULT} Hélène f 50 born Saint Jacques RC married
   linked as maiden name  MIREAULT Hélène
    dtr of MIREAULT Jean Baptiste and DUPUIS Anne
    Joseph and Hélèene married 1828 @ca.qc.montcalm.achigan.saint_jacques_rc
    note cousins: register includes dispensation for third degree consanguinity
    Joseph age 60 and wife Hélèene age 60 Saint Jacques 1861 census qc226 page 226 line 04
04 BOURGEOIS Céline f 19 born Saint Jacques RC
05 BOURGEOIS Joseph m 16 born Saint Jacques RC
    BOURGEOIS surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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