1851 census district qc174 page 059 line 48  @ca.qc.leinster.achigan.saint_jacques film C1124 lds0517455 county of Leinster in 1851 census only - otherwise Montcalm
48 BOURGEOIS Joseph m 50 cultivateur (farmer) born Saint Jacques RC
    son of BOURGEOIS Joseph and wife MIREAULT Marie Ange Marguerite (married 1800)
    grand_son of BOURGEOIS Germain and wife BELIVEAU Ludivine (married 1776)
49 BOURGEOIS {BOURGEOIS} Sophie f 44 born Saint Jacques RC married
   linked as maiden name  BOURGEOIS Sophie
    dtr of BOURGEOIS Joseph and wife JEANSON Marguerite (married 1801)
    Joseph and Sophie married 1826 @ca.qc.montcalm.achigan. saint_jacques_rc
    register includes dispensation for third and 4th degree consanguinity
    Joseph 60 and wife Sophie 52 Saint Jacques 1861 census qc226 page 242 line 21
    "BOURGAIS" Joseph age 79 and Sophie age 72 Saint Jacques 1881 census district 089a2 family 0249
50 BOURGEOIS Celina f 22 born Saint Jacques RC
    BOURGEOIS surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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