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"SHI" 2004 Obituary


SHIGWADJA o@ca.on.manitoulin.howland.little_current.manitoulin_expositor 2004-05-19 published
DEBASSIGE, Josephine R.
-In loving memory of Josephine R. DEBASSIGE (née SHIGWADJA) who passed away on May 23, 2003.
How many times did you struggle in life,
To take care of your children in spite of the strife.
You sacrificed yourself to provide for us all,
Never complaining - you stood very tall.
We daydreamed of riches so we could build you a home,
And a heavenly garden of your very own,
With roses and arbors and a waterfall too.
Oh, how we did wish we could have done this for you.
You now have a mansion on streets paved with gold,
No pain and sorrow...feeling young and not old.
We couldn’t have asked for a more loving mother,
Who gave so no other.
We will miss you so very much through the years,
And at holiday time we will shed many tears.
We know where you are mom, you’re up there with Jesus,
Who never forsakes us and never will leave us.
He will comfort us now as we miss your soft touch,
For He knows how much we loved you...oh so very much.
Be happy there mom, and don’t worry about us.
We will help each other - without making a fuss.
We will be okay mom...we will see you again soon,
Up there in heaven...only He knows when.
Love you forever, Denise.

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SHIGWADJA o@ca.on.manitoulin.howland.little_current.manitoulin_expositor 2004-12-08 published
--In loving memory of Jacob SHIGWADJA who passed away Nov. 25, 2003.
A father and grandfather.
He fought so hard to stay with us
He knew we’d miss him so
But God knew he was hurting
And said it’s time to go.
He suffered long without complaint
Oh yes, he paid his dues
He never once said “pity me”
Just smiled and saw it through.
His pain has stopped, the hurting done,
How we miss his dear sweet face
God took his hand and led him home
He’s in a better place.
One year ago he left us
With fond memories every more
We all know he will be waiting
On the other shore.
We love you very much. Melissa and Natasia DESMOULIN and grandchildren Faith, Breanne, Hope and Alex.

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