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"HOW" 2004 Obituary


HOWARD o@ca.on.manitoulin.howland.little_current.manitoulin_expositor 2004-01-21 published
-In loving memory of a wonderful Mother and Grandma, Marlene, who passed away January 24, 2001.
It has been three years today,
There will always be a heartache.
And many silent tears.
We often speak your name, and
Wish you were here.
We live through all the precious memories
You shared with us.
We will always hold you close
Within our hearts. To walk with us
Throughout our lives.
-Lovingly remembered and always loved by Wanda, Larry, Caitlyn and Tyler.

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HOWARD o@ca.on.manitoulin.howland.little_current.manitoulin_expositor 2004-10-27 published
--In memory of a dear wife and loving mother and grandmother, Betty (HOWARD) VANHORN. Oct. 28, 1935 - Oct. 26, 2003.
The stars donít shine so brightly
The sky is not so blue.
Our lives are changed forever
Being here without you.
You were gone so quickly
So many things unsaid
Never wanting to worry us
You left quietly instead.
Our hearts are heavy
The tears still fall
We know you are safe now
Watching over us all.
Sleep well dear Mom
No sorrow, no pain
Until the day comes
When we will meet again.
Forever loved by John, Hector, Jaqueline, Becky and families.

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HOWELL o@ca.on.manitoulin.howland.little_current.manitoulin_expositor 2004-12-08 published
--In loving memory of a dear son and brother, Austin, who passed away December 12, 1999.
Beyond our smiles
There lies a tear
For the one we lost
And loved so dear.
Our hearts still ache
For what it meant to lose him
No one will ever know.
There will always be a heartache
And many a silent tear
But always the precious memories
Of the days when you were here.
We hold you close within our hearts
And there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again.
Sadly missed and always remembered by Dad and Sheelah.

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