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"TIF" 2003 Obituary


TIFF o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-11-20 published
John Edward Burns (Ted) HOWELL
By Frank GARDINER Thursday, November 20, 2003 - Page A26
Father, husband, Sunday School teacher, fisherman, sports enthusiast, Crown Attorney. Born June 26, 1934, in Goderich, Ontario Died August 11, in Omemee, Ontario, of cancer, age 69.
Ted HOWELL, through all of his life, was a little man with a big heart and a giant intellect.
During his early years growing up in Goderich, Ted displayed an early love of academic excellence mixed with a fun sense of competitiveness in all endeavours from table tennis and hockey, to debating contests sponsored by the local Lion's Club.
As part of his 1950 high-school election campaign for treasurer, Ted and his loyal cohorts dressed up as members of the Mafia. Ted in his zoot suit, trench coat and oversized fedora imitated a smaller version of Chicago gangster Al Capone with a campaign slogan: "Vote for me. I need the money." Ted won.
Ted loved a physical challenge. Few could beat him at his favourite sport of table tennis. Many fell prey to his quick eye and cunning strategies and years later Ted won several table tennis championships with the Scarborough Kings Table Tennis Club.
Another field of Ted's early expertise was lawn croquet. On the large lawn of their home, the HOWELL family had a grand lawn croquet court. Ted, as usual, took this game very seriously and had little patience with anyone who did not do the same. Ted was an expert at the double-ball knock out.
These traits also made him a memorable boys' Sunday School teacher at North Street United Church where he creatively handled -- some might say "civilized" -- some lads bigger than himself, all tough, key members of the "Church Street gang." With his leadership, he earned their life-long respect.
Ted graduated at the top of his high-school class and went off to University of Toronto and then on to Osgoode Law School where he earned an award for outstanding contribution to school life.
He was called to the bar in 1960.
Jack BATTEN's book titled Lawyers quotes Ted: 'But from the time I started reading Erle Stanley Gardner as a kid, around grade seven, I wanted to be a courtroom lawyer.' HOWELL won a public speaking award in high school, and an essay he wrote about Canada's role in the United Nations took him on an all-expenses-paid weekend to Ottawa, where he proudly shook hands with Prime Minister Louis SSAINTURENT. HOWELL was a diligent student and he was headed for law.
"Ted HOWELL is, in almost every respect, a perfect servant of the Crown. He is an admirably correct man. There is no stuffiness in his make-up but he sends out the message that he values propriety and turns off at bad manners. He conducts himself according to such old verities."
Visiting a summer camp, Ted met the woman who was to become his wife and soul-mate for 40 special years. Ted and Theresa (TIFF) were married in 1963. This was Ted's greatest project and he is the proud father of Thomas (and his wife Andrea METRICK) and Michael. Ted was the grandfather of Ashley HOWELL.
Ted HOWELL's many legal accomplishments and Friendships over 40 years embraced eminent legal associates and Friends as well as Goderich pals. He was a proud Goderich character. He was a long-time resident of Scarborough, Ontario, as well as his family's cottage and country home in Omemee, Ontario
Ted is missed and remembered.
Frank GARDINER is a one-time Sunday school pupil of Ted HOWELL.

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