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"DOO" 2003 Obituary


DOOLAN o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-02-14 published
Friday, February 14, 2003, Page A22
Wife, mother, civil servant, scuba diver. Born January 14, 1921, in Halifax. Died December 7, 2002, in Toronto, of a stroke, aged Audrey ZIMMERMAN (née TOBIN) had God on her side. By all accounts, it was a good deal for both of them. Audrey got the impenetrable protection of her faith. God got a follower of infinite optimism and deepest commitment.
She was often bothered by the sex and violence in movies and on television -- so much so that I never knew her to even watch a newscast. Audrey's oldest and dearest friend, retired University of Toronto professor Margaret DOOLAN, says she'd take special care when picking movies to attend with Audrey. It was just part of the protective filter that people felt they needed to build around her.
Audrey was the second youngest in a family of seven children and, from her earliest days, she radiated an innocence that made people want to help and protect her. She rarely needed the assistance but, because it seemed to make others happy, she accepted it with grace and genuine appreciation. Throughout her life, she maintained an innocent enthusiasm that ran to the naive. How much of that naiveté was real and how much she put on for her own convenience, we never figured out. In some 70 years of Friendship, Marg DOOLAN can only recall once when Audrey seemed mad at someone and then because that person had been rude to her husband.
Audrey left Halifax in the late 1950s. She was working in the insurance industry and her boss was transferred to Toronto. He asked her to come along. Shortly after arriving in Toronto, Audrey met an active and outgoing man. Matthew ZIMMERMAN was a widower with three children. Audrey and Matt were married in the spring of 1959. The marriage sent a wave of concern through her family. How would little Audrey manage with a new husband and the instant pressure of three kids ranging in age from 3 to 15? Very well, as it turned out, and in January, 1960, Audrey and Matt added a new son, David.
The pregnancy was troubling. Audrey was diagnosed with severe diabetes in her 20s and pregnancy, especially at that time and at her age (then 39) was considered very risky; something that Audrey would have never even considered.
Diabetes dogged Audrey throughout her adult life and there were many scary incidents of adverse insulin reactions. More than once, some member of the family would arrive home to find Audrey unconscious on the floor, with no idea how long she'd been there the ambulance would be called and revival procedures started. At the end of it all, Audrey's standard response was "It's okay. I'm fine."
There were emotional challenges too. Audrey outlived all but one of her siblings. In 1972, her husband, Matthew, died of cancer. A few years later, she lost a granddaughter to leukemia and, in 1997, her step-daughter, Darlene, also died.
Audrey was small but strong. She never let her diabetes or her age interfere with her ambitions. After Matt died, she went back to work and was with the Ontario Ministry of Health until she retired in the late 1980s. Audrey was an avid tennis player and downhill skier. At the age of 60, she took up scuba diving. That led to another close call. Once, while diving at Tobermory, Ontario, Audrey ran out of air. She was able to signal her diving buddy but he was so much larger than she was, she couldn't share his regulator. Fortunately, their emergency ascent worked and Audrey continued to dive for several more years. About the only ambition she didn't fulfill was skydiving.
Audrey placed her life in God's hands and that was all the protection she needed. Her son, David, often said his mother didn't have a guardian angel, she had a team of them. And they took their job very seriously.
Kent is a friend of Audrey's son, David.

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DOOLEY o@ca.on.manitoulin.howland.little_current.manitoulin_expositor 2003-08-27 published
Helena Viola {McGREGOR} TOOLEY
In loving memory of Helena Viola {McGREGOR} TOOLEY, May 7, 1920 to August 13, 2003.
Beloved wife of George Bruce TOOLEY of Steinbach Manitoba. Loving mother of Brucette WATERSON (Doug), Theodore (Betty), Juanita BROWN (Buster), Andre (Gail). Predeceased by sons Douglas and James. Loving grandmother of Crystal (Mark), Michael (Nancy), Jennifer (Paul), Jason, Sonny, Evelyn (Corey), Justin (Brandy), Jesse (Crystal), Lynette, Shawee, Teri, predeceased by Sean (Brucette), Bruce (Andre). Great Grandmother of Fern, Miah, Natashia, Alexandra, Brooklyn, Riley, Cameron, Tristen and Trinity. Sister of Rose (Harold) DOOLEY and Geraldine (Carl) ZIEGLER of Little Current, Oscar McGREGOR, Godfrey (Ann) and Jean-Mary Jane (Lawrence) ANDREWS of Birch Island. Predeceased by parents Dave and Louise McGREGOR, Theresa, Blanche, Theodore, Gordon (Rebecca), and Evelyn. Sister-in-law of Roy (Bernice), Jim (Betty), Fred (Dianne) and Velma (predeceased). Special Aunt to many nieces and nephews. Visitation was held on Sunday, August 17, 2003 at the Birch Island Community Centre. Funeral service was held on August 19, 2003 at St. Gabriel Lalement Roman Catholic Church. Interment in Birch Island Cemetery, Birch Island, Ontario. Reverend Michael STOGRE officiating.

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DOORGADEEN o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-01-24 published
Truth is emerging in Trinidad deaths
By Colin FREEZE Crime Reporter; With a report from Ken THOMAS in Port of Spain. Friday, January 24, 2003, Page A5
The bruised and bloated bodies of the young newlyweds washed ashore on a remote beach in Trinidad.
Even in death, they lay close together. Inside the woman's belly was their unborn baby. A suspicious double drowning cruelly ended the promise of a new family.
Today, one veteran homicide investigator says that the 1994 honeymoon deaths of Geoff BARNES, 23, and Sherelle Ann IMPERIO- BARNES, 22, are the result of one of the most elaborate conspiracies he has witnessed. Yet another theory calls the tragedy an accident. Only now is the truth beginning to surface in court.
For years, criminal investigators have believed that the vacationing Toronto couple was drugged and drowned in a scheme hatched by conspirators intent on collecting life-insurance money.
Yet only one man has ever been formally accused of murder: Roland (Bobby) DOORGADEEN, whose trial has begun in the capital of the Caribbean island nation of 1.5 million people.
After a lengthy investigation by Trinidadian authorities, Mr. DOORGADEEN was charged with the murders in 1998. The former Trinidadian police officer and convicted car thief has pleaded not guilty. But he will be hanged if a jury finds him guilty.
On the witness stand yesterday was the prosecution's star witness his estranged wife.
Nicole DOORGADEEN testified that in May, 1994, two men in a rental car came to pick up her husband. She said he returned much later in the evening, bellowing from the car: "Don't come outside. Send a scrubbing brush for me."
After the two men drove away, Mr. DOORGADEEN came into the house in his underwear, Mrs. DOORGADEEN testified. He held a bottle of chloroform, she said, adding that she later found his clothes covered with sand.
She also testified that her husband later said he was expecting a "large sum" of about $50,000. And that "one day, while looking at television, he told me that he killed the Canadians and explained how he did it," she told the court.
Her husband said he and two other men drugged the couple and dragged them into the sea, she said. A previous witness has testified he saw Mr. DOORGADEEN with the Canadian couple at a beach house.
Next week, the jury is expected to hear from former Toronto homicide detective Tom KLATT. "I had given my word to the family that I would follow this through to the end," Mr. KLATT said a few hours before boarding his flight to Trinidad yesterday.
Working with insurance adjusters and Trinidad police, Mr. KLATT said he discovered that a former boyfriend of Sherelle-Ann IMPERIO- BARNES had taken out a $100,000 life-insurance policy on her. The insurance, which would have paid double if her death was ruled accidental, survived the relationship.
Despite the breakup and Ms. IMPERIO's marriage, the ex-boyfriend didn't sever his ties. In fact, Mr. KLATT said, he bought the newlyweds tickets to his home country -- Trinidad.
The ex-boyfriend still lives in Canada and has not been charged in connection with the deaths.
"There's a simple explanation," he told a Toronto Star reporter a year after the killings. He then referred questions to his lawyer, who refused to say anything more.
With matters still before the courts, Mr. KLATT did not want to discuss the investigation further, except to say the insurance was never collected. But the veteran of 70 homicide investigations called the Barnes' case "one of the most complete conspiracies that I've ever been involved in."
The nine-year wait for justice has been excruciating for the victims' families.
"From the day it happened we said it would take a long time," Tom BARNES, Geoff's 60-year-old father, said in an interview from his home in Georgetown, Ontario
The court has already heard that autopsies uncovered traces of cocaine in the dead couple's systems. The judge has asked the jury to consider whether the couple might have accidentally drowned.
But Mr. KLATT, who once investigated international drug networks, said this theory is inconsistent with his investigation.
"There was zero information, evidence, hearsay, assumption or guesses that would suggest that either one of these two had ever been involved with drugs, or alcohol for that matter," he said.

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