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"TES" 1911 Census


TESSIER 1911 census 054.038.00 family 126  @ca.on.algoma_district.rayside_township page 015 electoral district of Algoma East but actually in Sudbury District since 1909
22 122 126 RICHER Armasse part lot 2 con 5 m head married Feb 1867 44 Que
    son of RICHER Michel and wife CLEMENT- LARIVIERE Mathilde (married 1863)
    Hermas 15 with parents Plantagenet North Township 1881 census district 103h2 family 0256
23 RICHER {LAUZON} Alphonsine f wife married Nov 1866 44 Que
   linked as maiden name  LAUZON Alphonsine
    dtr of LAUZON Isidore and wife LALONDE Estaire (married 1848)
    Alphonsine 5 with parents Terrebonne 1871 census district 099j family 175
    Alphonsine 15 with parents Prescott 1881 census district 103g1 family 0102
    Hormisdas and wife Alphonsine married 1888 @ca.on.prescott_county.alfred.lefaivre.saint_thomas_rc
    Armas 34 and wife Alphonsine 34 Rayside Township 1901 census district 092x1 family 028
24 RICHER Emile m son single May 1891 20 Ont
married 1913 @ca.on.sudbury_district.blezard.notre_dame_du_rosaire_rc to LAFONTAINE Florida dtr of LAFONTAINE Joseph and wife TESSIER- LAVIGNE Rose-Alma
25 RICHER Wilfred m son single jul 1892 18 Ont
26 RICHER Registre m son single Sep 1894 16 Ont
27 RICHER Maria f dtr single Oct 1895 15 Ont
28 RICHER Danielle m son single Oct 1900 10 Ont
29 RICHER Valada f dtr single Apr 1904 7 Ont
30 RICHER Juliette f dtr single Mar 1905 6 Ont
31 RICHER Cecile f dtr single Sep 1909 1 Ont
    indexed 2005 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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