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"ROM" 1911 Census


ROMAIN 1911 census 054.024.00 family 007  @ca.on.algoma_east.dowling_township lot 2 concession 3 page 001
30 007 007 BEAUDRY Alexander m head married May 1855 56 Ont French RC farmer
    son of BEAUDRY Pierre and wife QUEVILLON Louise (married 1854)
    BEAUDRY Alexander 23 with parents Alfred Township 1881 census district 103g1 family 0063
31 BEAUDRY {SOUCI} Roseina f wife married Feb 1867 44 Que French RC
   linked as maiden name  SOUCI Roseina
    dtr of SAUCIER Jeremie and wife PLOUFFE Philomene
    BEAUDRY Alexander and SOUCI Rosina married 1885 @ca.qc.gatineau.montcerf.sainte_philomene_rc
    BEAUDRY Alexander 33 and wife Rosina 24 Chelmsford 1891 census district 046aa family 046
    BEAUDRY Alec 44 and wife Rosinal 34 Creighton Township 1901 census district 092a1 family 001
32 BEAUDRY Philomene f dtr single Dec 1889 22 Que French RC
    BEAUDRY Philomene married 1931 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to PITT Alexandre son of PITT James and wife ROMAIN Caroline
33 BEAUDRY Maggie f dtr single Jan 1891 20 Ont French RC
34 BEAUDRY Alexander m son single Mar 1893 18 Ont French RC labourer mill
    BEAUDRY Alec 8 with parents Creighton Township 1901 census district 092a1 family 001
    BEAUDRY Alexandre married 1924 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to O'BUMSAWIN Delina dtr of O'BUMSAWIN Joseph and wife MIRON Zo (married 1886)
    O'BUMSAWIN Delina 8 months with parents Dowling Township 1901 census district 092z.1 family 003
    O'BUMSAWIN Delina 9 with parents Dowling Township 1911 census district 054.024.00 family 011
35 BEAUDRY Telesphore m son single Jun 1895 16 Ont French RC
36 BEAUDRY Celenia f dtr single May 1897 14 Ont French RC
37 BEAUDRY Leonare f dtr single Aug 1899 12 Ont French RC
38 BEAUDRY William m son single Sep 1901 10 Ont French RC
39 BEAUDRY Cyprien m son single Oct 1904 7 Ont French RC
40 BEAUDRY Auglena f dtr single Jun 1907 4 Ont French RC
41 BEAUDRY Dorlisa m son single Sep 1909 2 Ont French RC
    indexed 2006 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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