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"POO" 1911 Census


POOLE 1911 census 110.024.00 family 066  @ca.on. perth_county_north. mornington_township page 006
33 066 POOLE George m head married Mar 1880 31 Eng English Mennonite farmer
    lot 15 concession 1
    to Canada 1887
34 POOLE {SPENLER} Mary f wife married Oct 1886 24 Ont German Mennonite
   linked as maiden name  SPENLER Mary
35 POOLE William m son single Mar 1905 6 Ont English Mennonite
36 POOLE Norman m son single Jul 1906 4 Ont English Mennonite
37 POOLE John m son single Dec 1908 3 Ont English Mennonite
38 STEINMANN Joseph m domestic single Mar 1883 28 Ont German Amish labourer
39 SPENDLER Elizabeth f domestic single Jun 1883 27 Ont German Amish servant
    census research 2000-2012 by Don and Marilyn Holmes of Listowel Ontario

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