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"HUO" 1911 Census


HUOTT 1911 census 116.016.00 family 078  @ca.on.renfrew_county_north.stafford_township division 2 page 010 Archivanet scanned image file e002017398.pdf
04 078 078 HUOTT Theodore North half lot 15 con 2 m head married Aug 1873 38 Ont
05 HUOTT {?} Paradise f wife married Nov 1880 31 Ont
06 HUOTT Napoleon m son single Feb - 5 Ont
07 HUOTT Annie f dtr single Feb - 5 Ont
    lines 6 and wife 7 identified as twins
08 HUOTT Evan m son single mar - 4 Ont
09 HUOTT Morris m son single may - 1/12 Ont
10 LARIVIER Adolph m nephew single - - 14 Ont
    indexed 2005 by Ed Allard of Cornwall Ontario

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