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"M" 1893 Marriage by Groom Surname

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MARCOTTE m@ca.on.sudbury_district.sudbury.sainte_anne_rc 1893
MARCOTTE Edmond son of MARCOTTE Arcade and wife BELANGER Anna/Clemanda (married 1873)
to POULIN Leda dtr of POULIN Zotique and wife GAUTHIER Guilliaume (married 1876)
MARCOTTE Adrien 4 Saint Andre Avelin 1881 census district 097q family 0119
Edmond 15 Chelmsford 1891 census district 046aa family 033
Leda 14 Chelmsford 1891 census district 046aa family 050
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MONTGOMERY m@ca.on.sudbury_district.sudbury.epiphany_anglican 1893
MONTGOMERY Alexander son of MONTGOMERY John and wife Sarah
to ARMSTRONG Edith dtr of ARMSTRONG Frederick and wife Louisa
witnesses: ROBILLARD Samuel and LARONDE Jeanne
minister LUTZ C.
Alexander 25 lodger Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 368

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MOREAU m@ca.on.simcoe_county.tiny.lafontaine.saint_croix_rc 1893
MOREAU Elie son of MOREAU Joseph and OUILLIER Emelie
to DEVILLERS Blanche dtr of DEVILLERS Sifroy and GERMAIN Emilie
son MOREAU Joseph married 1913 to QUESNEL Alma
son MOREAU Ernest married 1916 to VALLEE Anna
more in Tiny Township marriage books
Elie 26 with parents Tiny 1891 census district 116m3 family 228
Blanche 14 with parents Tiny 1891 census district 116m3 family 233
contact Cathay Moreau if you are researching MOREAU

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MOREL m@ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc 1893
MOREL Louis son of MOREL François Xavier and wife TREMBLAY Calixte
to BANGS Zelia dtr of BANGS Damase and wife NADON Martina (married 1862)
Ontario Vital Statistics 001025-1893
Zelia 8 Mattawa 1881 census district 114m5 family 0203
Azelia 17 Mattawa 1891 census district 095&1/2b family 126

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MORIN m@ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc 1893
MORIN Pierre son of MORIN Antoine and wife GAGNON Marie
to CARON Elizabeth dtr of CARON John and wife GALARNEAU Flore
Lisa 14 with parents Nipissing 1891 census district 095&1/2a family 010

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MORIN m@ca.on.nipissing_district.bonfield.sainte_bernadette_rc 1893
MORIN Elzear son of MORIN François and CÔTÉ Lestie
to DUCHEMAIN Eugénie dtr of DUCHEMAIN Napoleon and MAYNARD Herminie
source: lds1304818 Sainte Bernadette register
Eugénie 17 with parents Bonfield Chisholm Boulter Ferris 1891 census district 095&1/2e family 008

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MORRIS m@ca.qc.pontiac_county.sheenboro.saint_paul_rc 1893
MORRIS Francis son of MORRIS George and DEVINE Ann
to SLATTERY Winifred daughter of SLATTERY Laurence and KAVANAGH Ann
source: Marriages du Comte de Pontiac 1836-1973 p384
Winifred 20 Sheen Esher Aberdeen Malakoff 1891 census district 176u family 001

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