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"FO" 1890-1899 Birth


FORESTER b@ca.on.muskoka_district.huntsville_forester 1898-02-25 published
FORESTER twin Baby Girls page 3
indexed 1998 at Huntsville Public Library

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FOURNIER b@ca.on.nipissing_district.springer.sturgeon_falls.sacre_coeur 1894 baptism
PELLETIER Marie Anna Alma born Sturgeon Falls 1894-08-24
dtr of PELLETIER Alphonse and BOULET Eleonore aka BOULÉ (married 1888)
mother's maiden name BOULÉ in 1888 wedding record
mother's maiden name BOULET at 1894 baptism of daughter PELLETIER Marie Anna Alma
godparents GAGNÉ Charles and PELLETIER Aurelie (married 1873)
note: godmother PELLETIER Aurelie is sister of PELLETIER Alphonse
Marie Anna Alma m1 1914-05-11 @ca.on.temiskaming.bucke.haileybury to FOURNIER Theodule
Marie Anna Alma widow m2 1917-11-08 @ca.on.temiskaming.bucke.haileybury to FOURNIER Alfred
source: lds1311348 Sacre Coeur register page 17 baptism 74
"PELLTIER" Alma with parents Springer 1901 census district 092b2 family 186
Contact Helen NICHOLSON
if you are searching PELTIER aka PELLETIER

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FOURNIER - All Categories in OGSPI