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"DE" 1890-1899 Birth


DEFOREST b@ca.on.muskoka_district.huntsville_forester 1899-12-08 published
DEFOREST Baby Girl page 2
indexed 1998 at Huntsville Public Library

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DELONG b@ca.on.nipissing_district.springer.sturgeon_falls.sacre_coeur 1899 baptism
PELLETIER Marie Olivine born Sturgeon Falls 1899-03-05
dtr of PELLETIER Paul and BOIRE Delima
godparents GINGRAS Joseph and CORMIER Marie
Marie Olivine married 1922-04-19 @ca.on.cobalt to DELONG George Erving
source: lds1311348 Sacre Coeur register page 42 baptism 461
Contact Helen NICHOLSON
if you are searching PELTIER aka PELLETIER

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DESCHENE b@ca.on.sudbury_district.copper_cliff 1895
SUCKOW Albert Louis
SUCKOW {?} Annie Frances
SUCKOW Gertrude Ellen born Copper Cliff 21 Apr 1895 bapt at parents' residence 18
May 1895 sponsors MAGNOW Mrs Hattie, DESCHENE Mary, BOSHART William
(Epiphany Anglican Sudbury baptismal register folio 103)
SUCKOW Eva Gladys born Copper Cliff 4 Mar 1897 bapt at Epiphany Anglican Sudbury
(baptismal register folio 105) sponsors COX Thomas B. and BLACK Johanna and
COX Anna.
contact John Allan if you have Annie Frances's maiden name

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