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"R" 1878 Marriage by Groom Surname


RICHER m@ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.saint_hermas_rc 1878
RICHER Xavier Martin son of RICHER Michel and wife RAPIDIEUX Marie Rose (married 1837)
to GRATTON Josephine dtr of GRATTON Etienne and BRAY╚RE- SAINT_PIERRE Olympe
source: Repertoire des Marriages ComtÚ Deux Montagnes section "R"
Martin 22 with parents Saint Hermas 1871 census district 097h family 181
Martin 32 and Josephina 28 Saint Hermas 1881 census district 095k family 0091
Martin 53 and Josephine 47 Rayside Township 1901 census district 092x1 family 034
Martin 65 widower Rayside Township 1911 census district 054.038.00 family 133

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ROI m@ca.on.russell_county.russell.embrun.saint_jacques_rc 1878
ROI Andre Q son of ROY Alexis and DUFOUR Ursule
Andre m1 1878 @ca.on.russell_county.russell.embrun.saint_jacques to LEVESQUE Exilda aka Ozilda dtr of LEVESQUE Jerome and LAPALME Marcelline
Andre widower m2 1882 @ca.on.russell_county.cambridge.saint_albert.saint_albert_rc to DUHAIME Elizabeth dtr of DUHAIME Jean Baptiste and DELORME Marie
source: Repertoire des Mariages du Comte de Russell 1858-1972
"DUEME Elisabet" 17 with parents Cambridge 1881 census district 104b family 0187
Andre 40 and wife Elizabeth 28 Cambridge 1891 census district 115a3 family 082
Andre's parents Cambridge 1891 census district 115a3 family 083
contact Sue Duhaime if you are searching DUHEME aka DUHAIME

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ROY m@ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc 1878
ROY Napoleon son of ROY Michel and wife BRETON Adelaide
to MINOR Agnes dtr of MINOR Maxime and wife DALY Mary Ann
source: lds1304814 Sainte Anne RC Mattawa
ROY Napoleon 25 and wife Agnes 19 Mattawa 1881 census district 114m5 family 0236

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