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"SI" 1830-1839 Marriage


SICOTTE m@ca.qc.huntingdon_county.saint_anicet_rc 1838
BONNEVILLE Antoine son of BONNEVILLE Jean Baptiste and wife CHATEL Marguerite (married 1811)
to LEBLANC Genevieve dtr of LEBLANC Jean Baptiste and DESCHAMPS Françoise
dtr BONNEVILLE Olympe married 1857 to CASCAGNETTE Louis
son BONNEVILLE Pierre married 1872 to LALONDE Eulalie
dtr BONNEVILLE Marie Louise married 1867 to BERT Thomas aka BARTE
dtr BONNEVILLE Eulalie married 1872 to QUENVILLE Damasse
dtr BONNEVILLE Virginie married 1874 to LEBLANC Olivier
dtr BONNEVILLE Emélie married 1882 to SICOTTE Calixte
source: lds1031573,1031574 Saint Anicet parish records
"BANVILLE Antoin" 32 and " LEBLOIN Genvieve" 33 Saint Anicet 1851 census qc001 page 003 line 11
Antoine 54 and Genevieve 51 Saint Anicet 1871 census district 114c2 family 085
Antoine 65 and Genevieve 63 Saint Anicet 1881 census district 072h2 family 0296
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SIMARD m@ca.qc.terrebonne_county.sainte_anne_des_plaines 1835
GASCON Jean Baptiste son of GASCON Louis and wife THERRIEN Catherine Marie (married 1802)
to CHARBONNEAU Marguerite dtr of CHARBONNEAU Hyacinthe and SIMARD Marie Anne
son GASCON Treffle married 1863 @ca.qc.argenteuil.saint_philippe_rc to BELLEFEULE dit POIRIAU Marie
source: Mariages du comte Terrebonne v4 p1110

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SINCLAIR m@ca.qc.laprairie.saint_philippe_rc 1838
TRUDEAU Louis son of TRUDEAU Louis and wife GAGNÉ Marguerite (married 1808)
to DUPUIS Louise dtr of DUPUIS Michel and BOIRE Josephte
son TRUDEAU Joseph married 1874 @ca.qc.laprairie.saint_constant_rc to CARDINAL Malvina
great_grand_son TRUDEAU Pierre ELLIOT/ELLIOTT born 1919 married 1971 @ca.bc.vancouver to SINCLAIR Margaret
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SIROIS m@ca.qc.kamouraska.kamouraska 1839
LAVOIE Vincent son of LAVOIE Vincent and SIROIS- DUPLESSIS Marie Anne
dtr of HUDON- BEAULIEU Benonie and PHOCAS- RAYMOND Victoire
"LAVOIX" in Repertoire des Mariages Comte de Kamouraska 1685-1990 p244

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