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"CO" 1800-1809 Marriage


COMTOIS m@ca.qc.kamouraska.pocatiere.sainte_anne_rc 1809
GAGNÉ Joseph son of GAGNÉ Joseph and SOUCI Catharine
Joseph m1 1799 @ca.qc.kamouraska.pocatiere.sainte_anne_rc to LANTIER- COMTOIS Euphrosine dtr of LANTIER- COMTOIS Jean Baptiste and BELANGER Euphrosine
Joseph widower m2 1809 same church to BERUBE Catharine dtr of BERUBE François and HUDON Thérèse
son (m1) GAGNÉ Jean Baptiste married 1822 same church to BERUBE Victoire
source: lds1819476 indexed by OGS Sudbury Branch

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CONSTANTINEAU m@ca.qc.terrebonne_county.sainte_therese_rc 1801
CLAVEL Pascal son of CLAVEL François and wife VERMET Madeleine (married 1762)
to THIBAULT Marie Madeleine dtr of THIBAULT Pierre and LACHAINE Marie
son CLAVEL dit SAINT_FRANCOIS Paul married 1827 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique_rc to FILIATREAU Emilie
son CLAVEL Nestor aka Hector married 1831 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique_rc to GAUDREAU Rose
dtr CLAVEL Judith married 1832 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique_rc to CONSTANTINEAU Isidore
son CLAVEL Louis married 1833 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique_rc to RIOPEL Geneviève
son CLAVEL Joseph married 1834 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique_rc to MORIN Marie
son CLAVEL Pascal m1 1826 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.saint_eustache_rc to AMYOT- VILLENEUVE Marguerite
son CLAVEL Pascal widower m2 1832 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.sainte_anne_des_plaines_rc to ROBERT- FÂCHE Josephte
son "CLAVEL- SAINT_LOUIS" Pascal widower m3 1849 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to MONET Scholastique
source: lds0543686 Loiselle "C"
Ontario descendants linked by OGS Sudbury Branch
CLAVEL surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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CORBIN m@ca.qc.kamouraska.riviere_ouelle 1808
LEBEL Toussaint son of LEBEL Jean Baptiste and HELI- BRETON Marie Anne
to CORBIN dit LACROIX Marie Louise dtr of Louis and MARTIN Catherine
source: Repertoire des Mariages Comte de Kamouraska 1685-1990 v1 p245

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CÔTÉ m@ca.qc.montmagny.montmagny.saint_thomas_rc 1805
BERNIER Pierre son of BERNIER Pierre and DENEAULT Madeleine
to BOULET Josette dtr of BOULET Alexis and CÔTÉ Mathe-Helene
son BERNIER Pierre married 1852 same church to MORISSET Celina
source: Repertoire des Mariages Comte de Montmagny 1686-1991

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COUILLARD m@ca.qc.chateauguay.saint_joachim_rc 1808
AMYOT Athanase son of AMYOT Charles and wife CLICHE Josephte (married 1744)
Atanase m1 1788 @ca.qc.chateauguay.saint_joachim_rc to PRIMEAU Catharine dtr of PRIMEAU Joachim and COUILLARD Veronique
Athanase widower m2 1796 @ca.qc.chateauguay.saint_joachim_rc to LABERGE Catherine dtr of LABERGE Joseph and BOURCIER Anne
Athanase widower m3_rc 1808 @ca.qc.chateauguay.saint_joachim_rc to MIGNIER Genevieve dtr of MIGNIER Joseph and AUBE Anne
source: lds0543722 indexed by OGS Sudbury Branch

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COURTEMANCHE m@ca.qc.vaudreuil_county.vaudreuil 1804
CHATELOIS Jean Baptiste son of "CHATEROI- LATULIPPE" Antoine and POIRIER Ursule
to LALONDE Elizabeth dtr of LALONDE Guilliaume and wife SAUVÉ Charlotte (married 1761)
source: lds0543781 Loiselle "L"
son CHATELOIS Jean Baptiste married 1832 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.les_cedres.saint_joseph_rc to MARCOUX Josephte
son CHATELOIS Joseph married 1835 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.coteau_du_lac.saint_ignace_rc to COURTEMANCHE Marie Salomee
son CHATELOIS Antoine married 1846 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_polycarpe_rc to BISSONNETTE Flavie
son CHATELOIS Benjamin married 1847 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_polycarpe_rc to BRAY Catherine aka BRÉ

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COUSINEAU m@ca.qc.laval_county.saint_martin_rc 1808
BOURGEOIS Jean Baptiste son of BOURGEOIS Pierre and CLÉROUX (Louise married 1753)
to COUSINEAU Marguerite dtr of COUSINEAU Noël and GRATTON Louise
son BOURGEOIS Maxime married 1849 same church to BAZINET Olive
BOURGEOIS surname research 1995-2003 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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