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"BO" 1740-1749 Marriage


BONIN m@ca.qc.assumption.saint_sulpice 1746-06-08
ROBILLARD Louis son of ROBILLARD Joseph and wife BAZINET Marguerite (married 1711)
to MOUSSEAU Madeleine dtr of MOUSSEAU Jacques and wife BRAULT Madeleine (married 1717)
dtr ROBILLARD Madeline married 1771 to BONIN Joseph
source: Complement au Dictionnaire Genealogique Tanguayv2 p52, v7 p171

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BONIN m@ca.qc.berthier_county.lanoraie 1744-11-25
BONIN Jean Baptiste son of BONIN Nicolas and wife GIARD Catherine (married 1718)
to HOUDE- HOULE Antoinette dtr of HOUDE- HOULE Pierre and MORISSETTE Catherine
Complement au Dictionnaire Genealogique Tanguay v2 p20
son BONIN Joseph married 1771 to ROBILLARD Madeline

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BOURDON m@ca.qc.berthier_county.lanoraie 1741
BOURDON Jean Baptiste son of BOURDON IGNACE and wife CHARLES- LAJEUNESSE Jeanne (married 1711)
Jean Baptiste m1 1732 to to TROTET Thérèse aka TRIOLET dtr of TROTET Ganriel and BADAILLAC Thérèse
Jean Baptiste widower m2 1741 to QUENVILLE Marie Charlotte dtr of QUENVILLE Jean and DENIAU Marie
dtr (m2) BOURDON Marie Charlotte married 1758 to FISET François aka FISETTE
source: Mariages du Comte de Berthier v1 p329, v2 p631
descendents in Tiny Township documented by members of OGS Simcoe County Branch

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BOURGEOIS m@ca.nb.acadia.port_royal 1749
BOURGEOIS Joseph Gregoire
to COMEAU Catherine dtr of COMEAU Abraham and PITRE Marguerite
son BOURGEOIS Joseph married 1777 @ca.qc.montcalm.achigan.saint_jacques_rc to LEBLANC Marie Seraphique
source: Mariages du Comté de Montcalm vol 1 pages 85-91
BOURGEOIS surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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