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"BE" 1730-1739 Marriage


BEAUDREAU m@ca.qc.montreal.longue_pointe 1735
TRUDEAU Joseph son of TRUDEAU Pierre and wife MENARD Charlotte (married 1698)
to BEAUDREAU Josette dtr of BEAUDREAU Paul and TESSIER Marie
son TRUDEAU Louis married 1768 @ca.qc.montreal.longue_pointe to LARCHEVEQUE Marie Anne
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BEAUNOYER m@ca.qc.saint_sulpice 1738
PLOUFFE Louis son of PLOUFFE Louis and TRUCHON- LEVEILLE Marie (married 1714)
Louis m1 1738 @ca.qc.saint_sulpice to LAPORTE- SAINT_GEORGES Marie Louise
Louis widower m2 1782 @ca.qc.lanoraie to HILAIRE- BEAUNOYER Marie Louise
dtr of HILAIRE- BEAUNOYER Joseph and GRAVEL Charlotte
son (m1) PLOUFFE Jean Baptiste married 1763 to LAMBERT- AUBIN Marguerite
source: Loiselle lds0543811

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BELANGER m@ca.qc.ile_jesu.saint_francois_de_salles 1734
BELANGER François son of BELANGER François and wife VOYER Catharine (married 1689)
to NADON Catharine born 1712 dtr of NADON Pierre and wife LABELLE Catharine (married 1711)
son BELANGER Jean Marie married 1768 to QUEVILLON Marie Anne
source: Tanguay v2 p196

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