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"RER" 1901 Census


RERMO 1901 census 092s1.3 family 150  @ca.on.nipissing_district.unsurveyed page 015 film T6484 lds1843566
36 DIZZOZI Raphael m 33 single head
37 FIGONIE Antonio m 43 married lodger
38 MARCONI Rocco m 40 married lodger
39 MARTELLI Rocco m 36 widower lodger
40 NICHOLAS Burneo m 16 single lodger
41 BINGENZO Capelli m 24 married lodger
42 CONSTANTINO Borno m 50 married lodger
43 DIATALO Domenic m 17 single lodger
44 SOLOMON Cassime m 30 single lodger
45 ANIATTO Michael m 25 single lodger
46 CARMINIO Debipa m 33 married lodger
47 RERMO Gabriel m 35 married lodger
48 ASESIO Fargo m 19 single lodger
49 CARMINO Marcion m 33 married lodger
50 BUORNE Carmino m 11 single lodger
1 VIOLO Carmino m 32 single lodger
2 CARLDI Philipa m 34 married lodger
3 ENZENZO Michael m 35 married lodger
4 ENZENZO Joseph m 33 married lodger
5 TATZZI Michangel m 50 married lodger
    source: isbn-0-7779-1411-5 1901 Census Nipissing - Nairn, Lorne, Hyman and Unorganized Territory

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RERNARD 1901 census 044a1 family 009  @ca.on.algoma_district.blind_river page 001 film T6458 lds1843540
McILMOYL John m head married
McILMOYL {?} Maria f wife married
ELLIS Georgia f dom single
ELLIS Annie f dom single
QUINN W.L. m dom single
QUINN John G. m dom single
ELLIS Margaret f dom single
KEDDIE John m lodger married
KENNEY Thomas M. m lodger married
PLANT Albert m lodger single
GUBAY John m lodger married
LANGON August m lodger married
HARRIS George m lodger widower
COVINGTON James m lodger married
PICKETT George m lodger single
JORDAN William J. m lodger single
    page 2
McLEOD Angus m lodger single
BURTON B. m lodger widower
McRAE D.B. m lodger married
LYNCH Lawrence m lodger married
O'HAREA Richard m lodger married
BARTER A.B. m lodger widower
NEVEU Jules m lodger married
RYAN H.L. m lodger widower
LAMOUETTE Wildrid m lodger married
MEYER Henry m lodger married
HYES John m lodger married
SYMES John m lodger married
BEEBE Charles A. m lodger married
STRAIGHT William m lodger widower
LEMIEUX Charles m lodger married
CHARTRAND Theodore m lodger married
KNOB William m lodger widower
WESTONMAN Alphonse m lodger married
RIVAT G.B. m lodger widower
PEDDLE James m lodger married
RERNARD Charles m lodger single
ROGERS Patrick m lodger single
McKENZIE Hector m lodger single
KENYOU Fred m lodger single
McRAE Donald m lodger single
McCONNELL Joseph m lodger single
BALLANTYNE Thomas M. m lodger married
CULLIS Albert M. m lodger married
McKAY Andy m lodger single
SCHULTZ August m lodger married
SIMMONS R.H. m lodger married
BERGEROUS George m lodger single
MAY Thomas m lodger married
BLOW Albert m lodger single
MILLITTA Jer. m lodger single
NEDON John m lodger single
FOUZIE Sidney m lodger single
LEMIERE Phil m lodger married
WOLSEY R.J. m lodger single
KILLORAN Matt m lodger single
PEARSON Lionel m lodger married
McRAE Chris m lodger single
ALEXANDER Thomas m lodger single
BRADLEY Joseph m lodger single
RANGER Andy m lodger single
HOLMES Marshall m lodger single
McRAE A.C. m lodger single
MOONEY Hiram m lodger single
MOORE Robert m lodger single
DANBY Multon m lodger single
    page 3
HEWETT John m lodger single
GARVEN John m lodger married
NICHOLAS Fred m lodger married
MATHERS Andrew m lodger single
GARVEN {?} Ellen f lodger married
    ISBN#0-7779-0942-1 1901 Algoma Census Book 2: Thessalon and Vicinity
    Book published 1999 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch

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RERNARD - All Categories in OGSPI