RUHL 1901 census 101c1 family 024  @ca.on.perth_county. easthope_south_township division 1 page 003 film T6489 lds1843571
    Electoral District of Oxford North but geographic county of Perth
24 024 KROPF Christian m head married 22 Nov 1843 57 Ont rural German Mennonite farmer
      lot 26 concession 1
    s/o KROPF Henry and wife RUHL Anna
    Christian 10 with parents Wilmot Township 1851 census on361 page 213 line 19
    Christian 15 Wilmot Township 1861 census on426 page 098 line 02
25 KROPF {JUTZI} Maggie f wife married 6 Sep 1847 53 Ont rural German Mennonite
    d/o JUTZI Joseph and wife BENDER Mary
    JUTZI Magdalena 3 with parents Wilmot Township 1851 census on361 page 087 line 46
    JUTZI Magdalena 14 with parents Wilmot Township 1861 census on426 page 054 line 27
    d/o "YUTZIE" Joseph and wife Maria according to 1868 wedding record
    Christian and wife Magdalene married 1868
    source: County Marriage Registers of Ontario - Volume 32 Waterloo County page 076
    Christian 27 and wife Magdalena 23 Wilmot Township 1871 census district 031a3 family 208
26 KROPF Joseph m son single 16 Jan 1877 24 Ont rural German Mennonite farmer's son
27 KROPF Noah m son single 17 Nov 1878 22 Ont rural German Mennonite farmer's son
28 KROPF Katie f dtr single 26 May 1880 20 Ont rural German Mennonite
29 KROPF Maggie f dtr single 1 Jan 1884 17 Ont rural German Mennonite
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RUHL 1901 census 104d3 family 100  @ca.on.perth_county. mornington_township division 3 page 011 film T6490 lds1843572
15 100 RUHL Henry m head married 10 Nov 1855 45 Ont rural German Luth woolen miller
    part lot 10 concession 7 - Newton
16 RUHL {?} Caroline f wife married 21 May 1860 40 Ont rural German Luth
17 RUHL Elizabeth f dtr single 21 Apr 1884 16 Ont rural German Luth
18 RUHL Jacob m son single 03 Jul 1886 14 Ont rural German Luth
19 RUHL Henry m son single 21 Jan 1888 13 Ont rural German Luth
20 RUHL Caroline f dtr single 21 Jul 1892 8 Ont rural German Luth
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RUHSTORFER 1901 census 044n family 017  @ca.on.algoma_district.john_island page 002 film T6457 lds1843539
MONAHAN m head married
MONAHAN {?} f wife married
DUBLIC H. f dom single
DUBLIC A. f dom single
DUFFANA L. f dom single
BANDIER Wila m lodger married
SONG John m lodger married
SONG Frank m lodger single
AHNE Tug m lodger single
SANA Peter m lodger single
RANSHAW Ben m lodger single
REWBAN Emil m lodger single
BAMB August m lodger single
BEAUCHAMP m lodger single
McLENNAN Bert m lodger single
FELON Aldrich m lodger single
AHAIR Morris m lodger single
BUSH Fred m lodger single
LECOMB Archie m lodger single
    page 3
LACOMBE Charles m lodger married
PEACOCK Joseph m lodger single
TISH Tusan m lodger single
BARBER Napoleon m lodger married
DAUDELL Will m lodger married
JELLY Joseph m lodger married
PATERSON Alex m lodger married
CROBADEAU Sec m lodger married
RUHSTORFER J. m lodger married
GREENY Asa m lodger married
BAGOH Eduard m lodger single
FINDLAY George m lodger married
HOLMES John m lodger single
LARUSH Neda m lodger married
DEPUCHETT Frank m lodger single
FINDLAY Jacob m lodger single
HANSFORD George m lodger single
HARPER Thomas m lodger single
McLAUCHLEN m lodger married
MITCHELL Edgar m lodger single
BARBER Almond m lodger single
DOWNEY Thomas m lodger single
DUPHIMES Daulphin m lodger single
DEPICEH Peter m lodger single
HOPPER George m lodger single
HANSFORD Thomas m lodger single
MOFFATT James m lodger single
MORRIS Walter m lodger single
GURION Charles m lodger single
MULCHEY Edgar m lodger single
VIMBERMAN Will m lodger single
JELLY John m lodger single
OVALDEN James m lodger single
PEACOCK Arthur m lodger single
RABIDEAU Henry m lodger single
    ISBN#0-7779-0942-1 1901 Algoma Census Book 2: Thessalon and Vicinity
    Book published 1999 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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