RORAVECK 1901 census 092t1.2 family 042  @ca.on.nipissing_district.north_bay_town division 2 page 006 film T6484 lds1843566
16 RORAVECK A. C. m 23 married head
17 RORAVECK {?} Rachel f 25 married wife
    source: isbn-0-7779-1382-8 1901 Census Nipissing - North Bay Town/Ville
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RORKE 1901 census 092d2.2 family 142 division 2 page 016 film T6484 lds1843566
9 RORKE Louis V. m 36 married head
10 RORKE {?} Maude C. f 25 married wife
11 DUPUIS Adeline f 26 single domestic
    source: isbn-0-7779-1400-X 1901 Census Nipissing - Sudbury Town
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RORY 1901 census 044c1 family 198  @ca.on.algoma_district.thessalon_town page 022 film T6458 lds1843540
HARPER William m head single
SHULTZ D. m lodger married
SHORE Charles m lodger single
SAYER Peter m lodger single
GOOREAU Fred m lodger single
RORY Gilbert m lodger single
SHORE James m lodger single
BREAU Charles m lodger single
CERVETTE James m lodger single
BIRD John m lodger single
    ISBN#0-7779-0942-1 1901 Algoma Census Book 2: Thessalon and Vicinity
    Book published 1999 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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