LYON 1901 census 044u family 009  @ca.on.algoma_district.patton page 001 film T6457 lds1843539
LYON Joseph m head married
LYON {?} Mary E. f wife married
LYON William J. m son single
LYON Margaret f dtr single
LYON Edwin E. m son single
LYON Samuel A. m son single
    ISBN#0-7779-0942-1 1901 Algoma Census Book 2: Thessalon and Vicinity
    Book published 1999 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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LYON 1901 census 129a6 family 042  @ca.on.york_county.markham_township division 6 page 004 film T6506 lds1843588
    Electoral District of York East
39 042 LYON Thomas m head married 20 Oct 1834 66 Eng English CofE farm labourer
    lot 16 concession 5
    to Canada 1858
40 LYON {?} Janet f wife married 18 Jul 1836 64 Ont rural English CofE
41 LYON Frances A. f dtr single 4 Aug 1873 27 Ont rural English CofE
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LYONS 1901 census 044m3 family 013  @ca.on.algoma_district.manitoulin.meldrum_bay page 002 film T6459 lds1843541
26 DOYLE James m head single born 1878 Aug 10
27 NELLES Fredick m lodger single born 1877 May 14
28 LYONS Martin m lodger single born 1882 Apr 12
    source: ISBN0-7779-0944-8 Algoma Census 1901: Book 4, Manitoulin Island
    available $10+ $3 shipping and handling from OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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LYONS 1901 census 044p31 family 020  @ca.on.algoma_district.manitoulin.robinson1 page 003 film T6459 lds1843541
8 GRAHAM L.Robert m head married born 1866 Mar 14
9 GRAHAM {?} E.Elizabeth f wife married born 1866 Nov 9
10 GRAHAM L.Albert m son single born 1888 Oct 30
11 GRAHAM Ina f dtr single born 1889 Jul 31
12 McMEONLY Peter m lodger single born 1879 Feb 15
13 LYONS Charles m lodger single born 1877 Dec 21
14 FLEMING/FLEMMING C.James m lodger single born 1882 Nov 9
15 FLEMING/FLEMMING B.Robert m lodger single born 1880 Aug 19
    source: ISBN0-7779-0944-8 Algoma Census 1901: Book 4, Manitoulin Island
    available $10+ $3 shipping and handling from OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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LYONS 1901 census 044s family 135  @ca.on.algoma_district.bruce_mines page 017 film T6457 lds1843539
NICHOLS Qubitt m mgr single
HILL Caleb m lodger single
MASON William m lodger single
CURRY Robert m lodger single
DUNCAN Fred m lodger single
RICHARDS John m lodger single
CAMERON Thomas m lodger single
McDONALD Daniel m lodger widower
HOLLINGER Andrew m lodger single
McCALLUM Robert m lodger single
McCORMICK John m lodger single
McDARMID James m lodger single
ALDERSON William m lodger single
BELFOUR Caleb m lodger single
LAWRESTON James m lodger single
McLEOD Samuel m lodger single
DAGELISH Albert m lodger single
WATSON Robert m lodger single
CORBETT William m lodger single
FITZGERALD John m lodger single
McDONALD William m lodger single
McDAIRMID Mathew m lodger single
FARWELL George m lodger single
CARNON Nate m lodger single
ORR John m lodger single
GUSTOPHER James m lodger single
SHARP Joseph m lodger single
VICORY Andrew m lodger single
WILSON John m lodger single
McTAVISH William m lodger single
McKNIGHT James m lodger single
STRINGLE William m lodger single
TOWLIN Laird m lodger single
BROUGHAN Samuel m lodger single
JONES Robert m lodger single
McKNIGHT Andrew m lodger single
BELL David m lodger single
EVERT Thomas m lodger single
FISHLEY John m lodger single
MIDDLETON Fred m lodger single
McINTOSH Robert m lodger single
ALDERSON Joseph m lodger single
    page 18
TIGLE Edward m lodger single
SHIRWOOD James m lodger single
CURRIE John m lodger single
MITCHELL James E. m lodger single
RELDO John m lodger single
STEA John m lodger single
BENNETT James m lodger single
HOWSER Joseph m lodger single
CLEARY James m lodger single
DARROGH Samuel m lodger single
HOWELL George A. m lodger single
MAXWELL Robert C. m lodger single
CLARK James m lodger single
DAVIS Robert m lodger single
FOURTIN John m lodger single
HOMNOGAN John m lodger single
LANGOIS Andrew m lodger single
MARTIN John m lodger single
ZINKIE Edward m lodger single
MADSON John m lodger single
SHERBORNE William m lodger single
GENEROUX Oscar m lodger single
LYONS J. Henry m lodger single
BANDELL William m lodger single
OTTERMAN George m lodger single
    ISBN#0-7779-0943-X 1901 Algoma Census Book 3: Bruce Mines and Vicinity
    Book published 1999 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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LYONS 1901 census 092k1 family 125 copper_cliff page 15 film T6483 lds1843565
40 LYONS Thomas m 35 married head
41 LYONS {?} Sarah f 33 married wife
42 LYONS Lizzie M. f 4 single dtr
    source: isbn-0-7779-1398-4 1901 Census Nipissing - McKim
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LYONS 1901 census 092k1 family 144 copper_cliff page 18 film T6483 lds1843565
21 BUSCHMAN Henry m 48 married head
22 BUSCHMAN {?} Josephine f 47 married wife
23 BUSCHMAN Martha f 18 single dtr
24 BUSCHMAN Mary f 16 single dtr
25 BUSCHMAN Josephine f 11 single dtr
26 BUSCHMAN Stephen m 5 single son
27 HALLINGER John m 22 single lodger
28 LYONS Connor m 22 single lodger
29 LINSMAN George m 36 single lodger
    source: isbn-0-7779-1398-4 1901 Census Nipissing - McKim
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LYONS 1901 census 092o1.3 family 043  @ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa_town division 3 page 006 film T6484 lds1843566
23 RICHARDSON Samuel m 63 married head
24 RICHARDSON {?} Ann f 56 married wife
25 RICHARDSON Charles m 24 single son
26 RICHARDSON Charlotte f 22 single dtr
27 RICHARDSON Samuel m 18 single son
28 RICHARDSON George m 11 single son
29 PAQUETTE John m 54 single servant
30 LYONS Peter m 20 single lodger
31 FOSTER John m 22 single lodger
    source: isbn-0-7779-1385-2 1901 Census Nipissing - Mattawa, Town/Ville
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LYONS 1901 census 092t1.2 family 070  @ca.on.nipissing_district.north_bay_town division 2 page 009 film T6484 lds1843566
14 FEE George m 50 married head
15 FEE {?} Elizabeth f 39 married wife
16 FEE Richard A. m 14 single son
17 FEE John J. m 12 single son
18 FEE James B. m 11 single son
19 FEE George E. m 9 single son
20 FEE Marie E. f 7/12 single dtr
21 MacKEY John J. m 37 single brother_in_law
22 MacKEY Richard E. m 34 single brother_in_law
23 MacKEY Theresa L. f 30 single sister_in_law
24 FEE Kate E. f 28 single s
25 CONWAY Nellie f 35 single domestic
26 HUMMELL Sarah f 21 single domestic
27 HOGAN Tessie E. f 16 single domestic
28 MARTIN Amable m 60 widower servant
29 ESTERBROOK George m 19 widower lodger
30 BEAMISH Richard m 22 widower lodger
31 BEAMISH Mabel f 22 single lodger
32 CROSS John m 35 single lodger
33 KING Ernest m 23 single lodger
34 CARLEY Watson m 20 single lodger
36 LYONS John P. m 33 single lodger
37 BEACH Edward A. m *12 single lodger
38 DUNGAN George F. m 22 single lodger
39 COUSINS? Andrew m 57 widower lodger
40 THIRSTON Alvis? m 21 widower lodger
41 McLEOD MAC m 11 single lodger
42 KEENA Augnes L. f 42 single lodger
43 BAILEY John W. m 37 single lodger
44 CAVE Joseph m 19 single lodger
    source: isbn-0-7779-1382-8 1901 Census Nipissing - North Bay Town/Ville
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LYONS 1901 census 092v1.1 family 021  @ca.on.nipissing_district.canisbay page 003 film T6484 lds1843566
1 McCUE George E. m 30 married
    also linked as McHUGH
2 BAULKE William M. m 31 married
3 KENNY William m 22 single *20
4 CONVOY Timothy m 36 married
5 LYONS Albert m 22 single *20
6 SULLIVAN James m 33 single
7 STRINGER Andrew m 25 single
8 MADDEN Francis P. m 19 single
9 BOURKE Robert m 29 married head
10 BOURKE {?} Bridget f 34 married wife
11 LEVALLE Sara f 25 single lodger
12 KISH August m 25 single lodger
    source: isbn-0-7779-1425-5 1901 Census Nipissing - Peck, Hunter, Canisbay and McLaughlin
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