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"GOI" 1901 Census


GOIN 1901 census 092x1 family 114  @ca.on.nipissing_district.rayside_township page 14 film T6484 lds1843566
30 LACOSTE Samuel m 58 married head
    son of LACASSE Joseph and wife DION/ YON Marguerite
31 LACOSTE {?} Catherine f 53 married wife
    dtr of LACOSTE Pierre and wife TURGEON Marie
    LACOSTE Catherine 14 with parents Saint André Avelin 1861 census qc414a page 524 line 13
    LACASSE Samuel and wife LACOSTE Catherine married 1867 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc
    LACOSTE Samuel 28 and wife Catherine 23 Saint André Avelin 1871 census district 095f family 246
    LACASTE Samuel 38 and wife Catrine 33 Saint André Avelin 1881 census district 097q family 0148
    LACASSE Samuel 48 and wife Catherine 43 Chelmsford 1891 census district 046aa family 071
    LACOSTE Samuel 58 and wife Catherine 53 Rayside Township 1901 census district 092x1 family 114
32 GOIN Pierre m 63 single employee
    source: isbn-1-55116-468-X 1901 Census Nipissing - Rayside and Unorganized Territory

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