1901 census district 110g3 family 044  @ca.on.renfrew_county.pembroke_town page 005 Murray St film T6493
18 BURMASTER William m white head married born 24 Nov 1870 Ont rural German CMeth labourer
    son of BURMASTER Frederick and wife VOORMISTAFF Minnie
    William 2 with parents Petawawa 1871 census district 082j family 045
    William 22 occupation shanty cook Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 299
19 BURMASTER {BORN} Louisa F. white wife married born 25 Aug 1870 Ont rural German CMeth
    dtr of BORN Ernest and wife GUNTER Margaret
    BORIN Louise 10 Alice_and_Fraser Townships 1881 census district 114a family 0314
    William and wife Louise married 1895
20 BURMASTER Mary F. white dtr single born 6 Jan 1896 Ont urban German CMeth

21 BURMASTER Adaline F. white dtr single born 14 Oct 1897 Ont urban German CMeth
22 BURMASTER Edward m white son single born 29 Sep 1900 Ont urban German CMeth

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