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Brickwalls: Seeking info on Sophia Thompson – of Markham Township, Ontario and Huron County, Michigan

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Sophia Thompson is my brick wall. I have been unable to find her parents or siblings. Sophia was born in Canada in 1820. She was likely born in Ontario with an outside possibility of New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. Sophia’s middle name may have been Wheelock. She married John Tomlinson in 1839 in Markham, Ontario. The marriage record listed her residence as Markham. John Tomlinson was the son of Joseph Tomlinson. Joseph Tomlinson was located at Con 8 Lot 5 in Markham Township in the 1837 Toronto and Home District Directory. The Tomlinson family was at Box Grove only a mile or two from Markham Village, they were also close to Pickering and Scarborough Townships. The 1837 Directory listed 2 Thomson families in Markham Township, Alexander at Con 6 Lot 18 and John at Con 3 Lot 12, 2 more Thomson families were in neighboring Pickering Township and 16 in Scarborough.

Sophia is not found in the 1851 census. Alexander Thomson is at Con 6 Lot 19 in 1851 with his second wife Susan and children George, Mary Archibald and Alexander. All were born in Canada. John Thomson is at Con 2 Lot 26 in 1851 with wife Hannah and children Mary, David, Stephen, Thomas, Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth and George. It appears they left England about 1830. John and Sophia and family lived for a brief time and owned land in Adjala Township, Simcoe County. In 1861 Sophia is with her husband and family in Markham Township. Later in 1861 she is widowed. Her husband is buried in the Buttonville cemetery. The Buttonville Cemetery is 7 miles from Markham. Why wasn’t he buried with the other Tomlinson’s in the Box Grove Cemetery? Thomas Thomson (1835-1896), his wife Sarah Sutton and family are buried in Buttonville. Are they related to Sophia? This Thomas is likely the son of the above John and Hannah.

In 1871 and 1881 Sophia is in Markham Township with various of her 11 children. Her origin is listed as German in one census and Scotch in the other. The German reference could be to the Tomlinson family. Religion was given as Wesleyan Methodist, Congregational, Methodist, or Methodist Episcopal. Her 11 children, in order of birth, were Charlotte, Joseph W, Edmund, Edna, Simeon, William, John William, James, Thomas, Walter Scott and Elizabeth Ann. Charlotte, Edward, Edna, Thomas and Walter Scott do not appear to be Tomlinson names. Naming patterns would suggest that Sophia is more likely a child of John than Alexander but if she was born in Canada that would eliminate John as her father.

In the early 1880s Sophia moved to Huron County, Michigan following numerous of her children. In 1884 she married John Sibley. Sibley was born in Nova Scotia in 1802. I have been unable to find a death record for john Sibley. Sophia Tomlinson died in Huron Township, Huron County, Michigan in 1892. The death record listed her parents as unknown. No obituary has been found in the local newspaper or the Markham Economist.

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