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Notice for Sudbury District Branch Meeting

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Date: Monday, January 20, 2014

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Location:Parkside Centre, Sudbury YMCA Bldg, 140 Durham Street S., Sudbury (map)

Speaker: Brenda Cavallin

Topic: Coming Home – Behind the Scenes

Brief Overview: During the summer and fall of 2013, Brenda was living the genealogist’s dream as a featured guest of a TV episode under the auspices of Ireland Reaching Out. The Show was 15 minutes long – we’ll hear the rest of the story!

Contact Info:

OGS Member Participates in Irish ‘Reverse Genealogy’ Series ‘Tar Abhaile’ (Come Home)

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Sudbury Branch member Brenda Cavallin is enjoying an experience most of us can only dream about; having her (Irish) roots reach out to find her, rather than the other way around.

Brenda has been chosen to be one of 6 participants in Tar Abhaile (Come Home), a 6 part bilingual Irish/English television series by Red Pepper Productions. Here is a brief synopsis from the Show’s website

“Hosted by broadcaster Evelyn O’Rourke, the series is based on the premise of ‘reverse genealogy’ – whereby community volunteers trace the long-lost relatives of Irish families living in countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and then invite their back to their ancestral homeland.”

“…Brenda Cavillin from Ontario, is overcome with emotion when she returns to the home of her ancestors…”

Brenda’s story airs next Sunday, November 24 at 9.30pm & Monday, November 25 at 7:30 pm. For those of us in Canada, we can view the series via TG4′s player at Click on the Tar Abhaile logo on the left hand side of the page.

Each episode will be available on the player for 35 days after its original airing.

cuimhnigh i gconai