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Advocacy a High Priority of The Ontario Genealogical Society: Cemeteries a Continuing Focus

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

OGS President, Shirley Sturdevant, recently received a phone call from Michael D’Mello, Registrar of Ontario Cemeteries, in response to her letter to the Hon. Tracy MacCharles, Minister of Consumer Services, referred to in last week’s eWeekly. A subsequent meeting was held on 9 January 2014 at the Registrar’s office in Toronto with representatives of both The Ontario Historical Society and The Ontario Genealogical Society. Together they discussed shared concerns about the dilemma around preserving and protecting Ontario cemeteries.

Although Ontario apparently has one of the most stringent sets of regulations to accomplish that, identifying and locating these cemeteries is but one step in the process. OHS and OGS will continue to work on their project to complete that all-important first step. Together with the Registrar, they will attempt to clarify for municipalities and the general public what specific actions must then be taken to protect these properties which serve as resting places for our Ontario ancestors.

How you and your GPS can help protect Ontario’s Unregistered Cemeteries

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Do you have a GPS system? Would you like to assist the Ontario Genealogical Society and the Ontario Historical Society in protecting Ontario’s cemeteries? Here’s how you can help.

The Registrar of Cemeteries requires accurate location information to help identify the cemeteries that are not registered.  If you pass an entrance to a cemetery in your travels, could you record the GPS location? We are asking you to be especially mindful of the county and township where the cemetery is located. Therefore, when you send the information to the Society, we kindly request that you list the following information:

• The name of the Cemetery

• The County in which the cemetery is located, if known (i.e., Durham, Niagara, Carleton etc.)

• If possible, the Historical township (as listed on the OGS Ontario Cemetery Locator),

• The street name

• And of course, the GPS co-ordinates

Some of our volunteers have advised us that they take the GPS readings at the entrance of the cemetery as this provides the most accurate location information.

All GPS information you gather may be forwarded to:

Travel safely and enjoy the adventure!