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Are you researching ancestors from Continental Europe?

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Our periodicals collection at the North York Central Library contains journals and newsletters from several continental locales.  Here is a small sampling:


• Adler

o Heraldisch-Genealogische Gesellschaft “Adler”, Austria


• Bulletin

o La Confédération Internationale de Généalogie et d’Héraldique

• L’ intermediaire des genealogists

o Service de centralisation des etudes genealogiques

Eastern Europe

• Feefhs Journal and Quarterly

o Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies


• Arverni bituriges cubi

o Cercle d’etudes genealogique, des families Auvergno-Berrichonnes

• Cercle genealogique d’Alsace

o Cercle genealogique d’Alsace


• Familienkundliche nachrichten

• Pfaelzisch-rheinische familienkunde


• Genealogie

o Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie

• Gens Nostra

o Nederlands Genealogische Vereniging, Netherlands


• Gens

o Towarzystwo Genealogiczno-Heraldyczne, Poznan


• Revista Iberoamericana de heraldica

o Colegio Heraldico de Espana y de las Indias


• Familienforschung Schweiz

o Schweizerische Gesellschaft fur Familienforschung SGFF

FYI: Did you know………

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

….. that our collection at the North York Public Library also includes an extensive selection of periodicals? If you are tracing your Ontario roots, we not only have all of the periodicals from the various OGS branches, but others from Ontario as well, such as;

  • The Loyalist Gazette, published by the United Empire Loyalists Association, Toronto
  • Ontario History, published by the Ontario Historical Society.

Check our catalogue on the OGS website for a full listing of our Ontario periodicals.

Looking a bit further a field?  Each Canadian province is also represented in our periodicals collection.  Tracing some Maritime roots?  We have Newfoundland, as well as Labrador covered with 2 publications:

  • The Newfoundland Ancestor
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society Newsletter

Prince Edward Island:

  • P.E.I. Genealogical Society, Inc. newsletter

 Nova Scotia:

  • The Nova Scotia Genealogist
  • South Shore Genealogical Society News
  • Genealogical Newsletter from the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society
  • Nova Scotia Historical Review
  • The Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly

New Brunswick:

  • Generations from the New Brunswick Genealogical Society

 Quebec is well represented with the following titles:

  • L’Ancetre from the Societe de Genealogie de Quebec
  • Connections from the Quebec Family History Society
  • L’Estuaire Genealogique
  • Memoires from the Societé Génealogique Canadienne-Francaise,Montreal
  • Entre nous, les martin from the Societe Genealogique des Martin (La), Pierrefonds, QC
  • Entraide genealogique from the Societe de genealogie des Cantons de l’Est

Heading out west, we have the Prairie Provinces covered as well:

  • Generations from the Manitoba Genealogical Society
  • The New Leaf from the Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc., Brandon, MB
  • Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Bulletin
  • The Root Cellar from the Kindersly Branch of the SGS
  • Heir Lines from the Prince Albert Branch of the SGS
  • Grassroots from the Grasslands Branch, SGS, Mankota
  • Chinook : the Journal of the Alberta family histories society
  • Relatively Speaking from the Alberta Genealogical Society
  • The Tree Climber from the Red Deer and District Branch of the AGS
  • The Clandigger from the Edmonton Branch of the AGS
  • Lines of Decent from the Fort McMurray Branch of the AGS
  • Yesterday’s Footprints from the Lethbridge and District Branch of the AGS
  • Saamis Seeker from the Medicine Hat and District Branch of the AGS

British Columbia:

  • British Columbia Genealogical Society
    • Vancouver Branch
    • Prince George Branch
    • Quesnel Branch
    • Richmond Branch
  • Family Footsteps from the Kamloops Family History Society
  • Ancestree from the Nanaimo Family History Society
  • Abbotsford Genealogical Group Newsletter
  • Link up from the Chilliwack Branch of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada
  • Splitting Heirs from the Vernon and District Family History Society

This list is by no means exhaustive; there are many more Canada specific titles in our collection.

Good luck with your research!

Profession or Trade: Researching your ancestors’ working past

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Over the next few weeks, we are going to take a look at the various resources in our collection that will assist you in determining just exactly what your ancestors did for a living. For many of us, this will be a fairly straight forward exercise, particularly if farmers, blacksmiths and shop keepers populate your family tree. But what if you come across some one that was listed as an Ale-Conner in the 1861 or 1871 Canadian census? According to this handy online resource, Ancestral Occupations, an Ale-Conner is basically an “official who tests the quality and measure of ale served in public houses.”  This was probably not your first guess, right?

If you really want to delve into your family’s working past, our library collection contains a wealth of information that will assist you in researching this topic. Here are just a few to get you started

  • Researching Local Craftsmen and Industries
    • Elizabeth Quance
    • Call # 929.3 713 016 Quan 1984
  • Occupational Resources for Genealogists
    • Stuart Raymond
    • Call # 929.3 41 016 Raymo 1992
  • Trades and Occupations shown on rubbings of English Monumental Brasses from the 14th to 18th Century
    •  Jane Plante
    • Call # 929.3 42 Plant 1976
  • An Introduction to……:Occupations, a preliminary list
    • Joyce Culling
    • Call # 929.3 42 03 Culli 1999
  • Yorkshire Occupations: A genealogical guide
    • Stuart Raymond
    • Call # 929.3 428 016 Raymon 2000

For a full listing of all titles in this category please check our catalogue.  Next week’s Professions topic: Apprenticeships.

Taking a stroll down memory lane this summer?

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Most of us have them, those boxes of old family photographs gathering dust in our basements, attics or where ever we tend to put things that we will “deal with later!”  The problem is of course, the longer you wait to sort them, the older they get.  It may not seem that long ago, but even those Polaroids from the ‘60’s are probably looking a bit the worse for wear by now.  At least there is a pretty good chance that you may actually know who the people in those photos are, but what about those really old family pictures that go way back, some as far as c.1900?  Chances are you’re a bit fuzzy on just exactly where the people in these photographs hang in your family tree. Knowing the date the picture was taken might help solve the mystery, but if you aren’t even sure of that, where do you go from there.  There is also the question of conservation, especially for those really old photographs.  How do you ensure that they are preserved for future generations? 

Our library collection, located at North York Central Library, contains several great resources to help you manage your family photographs.  Here are just a few to get you started: 

1. Dating old photographs, 1840-1929

Morris, Andrew J.: Moorshead, Halvor;

Call # 929.3 Dating 2004

2. Dating twentieth century photographs. 

Pols, Robert

Call # 929.3 Pols 2005

3. Preserving your family photographs. 

Taylor, Maureen A

 Call # 770.285 Tayl

4. Understanding old photographs. 

Pols, Robert

Call # 929.3 Pols 1995

5. Photography for the genealogist. 

Jonasson, Eric

Call # 770.28 Jonas

6. Photography for family historians. 

Pols, Robert

Call # 929.3 Pols 1998

7. The Ontario photographers list: vol.1, 1851-1900:vol. 2, 1901-1925. 

Phillips, Glen C.

Call #929.3 713 Phill

8. The early commercial photographers of Lanark & Renfrew Counties, Ontario 1850-1925. 

Wohler, J. Patrick; Wohler, Judy,

Call # 929.3 713 81

9. The Hugill Chronicles – a mosaic: father and son photographers, 1860-1900. Muskoka/Ingersoll, Ontario. 

Gibson, David L.

Call # 929.2 Hugill –G