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Remembrance Day

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

It’s Remembrance Day and there are ceremonies all across the province to remember and commemorate the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers in wars all around the world.

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If you can, you may wish to attend one of the services.

As genealogists, we are drawn to the past. We seek it out when we try to learn who our ancestors were and we preserve it when we collect the information and write it down.

Communities across Canada have shown a similar desire to preserve the memories of their fallen soldiers by memorializing them on plaques and monuments. OGS is collecting a database full of these war memorials (along with memorials to fallen police officers and firefighters) to honour those who have served our country and make it easier for the genealogists to find their ancestors among them.

The database includes descriptions, locations and images of memorial monuments around the province and a list of the names and any other information shared on the monument.

The Memorial Database is on our website, accessible to members of OGS only.

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