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FYI: NewsLeaf Vol. 43 now online

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

NewsLeaf Vol. 43, no. 1 – February 2013, is now available to be viewed online in the Members Only section of the OGS website. Sign in here.

NewsLeaf Electronic is a green initiative started in 2012. The digital version of NewsLeaf is a full-colour PDF document that is available online for OGS Members with live clickable links to allow for easy exploration of the sources and resources shared in the publication.

Everyone who has registered an email address with OGS will receive email notification when the file is available to be downloaded from the Members Only area.

Please be assured that if you requested to continue receiving paper copies of NewsLeaf, they will be delivered to you with your issue of Families as before. Also, be assured that OGS members who do not have an email address registered with us will continue to receive paper copies of NewsLeaf as before.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of NewsLeaf Electronic and thank you for your participation in this new initiative.