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At The Library: Genealogy Books for Children

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

“I wish I’d started this when I was younger” is a fairly common refrain among genealogists.

We all wish we’d learned more about our family histories directly from family members who are no longer with us rather than having to research it and piece the stories together. We wish we had written down all those stories our great grandparents told us when we were little, and we’d like the children we know to start younger so as to avoid our mistakes.

One way to encourage children to be interested in genealogy is to read books that make family history come alive.

We don’t have any genealogy picture books at the provincial library, but check out your local library catalogue (or book store) for some of these titles to help you share your love of family history with the children in your lives.

One Tiny Twig
By: Dan Rhema
ISBN: 9780972983501

Fourteen year old Emily Twig receives a twig for a birthday present which sets her off on a time travelling detective mission to find out more about the many different Twigs who make up her family tree. She looks for clues in cemeteries and even Ellis Island.

The Keeping Quilt
By Patricia Polacco
ISBN: 9780689820908

This beautiful picture book tells the story of a quilt that was made from the dress the author’s Great Gramma-Anna wore when she immigrated to the United States. The quilt is passed down through the generations of the family and plays a great role in all of their lives. In telling the story of the quilt, Polacco tells the history of her family.

Your Family Tree
By Núria Roca
ISBN: 9780764135798

This book explains, through pictures, how family trees work. The book focuses on a young Japanese-American boy and his ancestors and asks questions that are designed to encourage a child to think about ther own ancestors: “Do you know a story about your owngreat-grandparents?” It is a book to help start the family history discussion with a child.

The Family Book
By Todd Parr
ISBN: 9780316738965

Todd Parr’s books are not exactly about genealogy but he does write about families. His other books include The Mommy Book, The Daddy Book, The Grandpa Book, and The Grandma Book. He’s also written a book about adoption.  In The Family Book, Parr describes the many different types of families that can be found today. These books can help start a conversation about all the relatives and the family history.

So check your local library or book store the next time you’re looking for something to read with the children in your life.