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Get Involved: Branch Opportunities

Monday, November 15th, 2010

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As those of you following our Interview with a Volunteer series likely know, volunteers are the backbone of OGS. We are always on the lookout for members who want to get involved and we post opportunities on the website for all to see.

Last week I pointed you in the direction of provincial volunteer opportunities, but OGS also has 32 branches all across Ontario and they’ve always got projects on the go. You don’t have to look further than your local branch for ways to volunteer.

As listed on the Branch Opportunities page, branches are always looking for assistance in the following areas:

Research and Publishing
Cemeteries Transcriptions
Places of Worship
Electronic search
Research & inquiries
Program (monthly meetings) and Workshops
Summer Camp
Journal and Newsletter
Marketing and Administration
Publication Sales
Special Events
Web Site

Every Branch will have something that will excite your interest, utilize your skills, or help you develop new skills. Talk to your Branch. You will be glad you did.

On Our Website: Branch Locator

Monday, August 9th, 2010
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When you go to our website, you don’t have to be satisfied by simply reaching the provincial level of the Ontario Genealogical Society. You can also use our website to find plenty of  information about our Branches.

OGS has 30 branches set in different regions of the province. We also have 2 Special Interest Groups for members who have an interest in a particular genealogical topic.

It’s at our branches where the magic happens. Each branch holds vibrant meetings, runs exciting genealogical projects, hosts a branch website,  and provides resources to meet the needs of the members of that branch… all through the continued hardwork and dedication of our members who volunteer their time to make each branch the best it can be.

Check out our Branch Locator to find out which branch is nearest to you and then attend the next meeting or volunteer for a project. We’re always happy to have more members in our genealogical community.

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At the Library: our catalogues

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Libraries are essential to genealogy. Even with all of the online databases and resources available these days, most genealogists will eventually find themselves walking into a library in order to track down some information necessary to firmly attach another limb to their family tree.

Many public libraries have a genealogical section and have one or more librarians on staff who have received special training in order to assist you in conducting your family history research in their library with their resources.

The Ontario Genealogical Society has libraries as well. Our Provincial Library is in Toronto, housed in the Canadiana dept, on the sixth floor of the North York Central Branch of Toronto Public Library.  It is a special collection within their own local history and genealogy department, and the librarians are experts at helping you navigate the records.

You can use our Online Catalogue to look for books, magazines and journals, cemetery transcriptions, or family charts. When you find something you’d like to take a closer look at, you can simply request the item from the librarians who will retrieve it for you to use in your research.

OGS doesn’t just have one library though, we have many. Most of our Branches have a library collection: some are housed in local libraries like the Provincial Library, other branches make their library materials available to members at the monthly branch meeting, and still other branches have their own library as part of their branch office.

Several of our branches have their own online catalogue to help you discover the resources they have for you.

Brant County - Our Brant County Branch has a series of Resource Guides on their website which are organized by genealogical subject area and list the materials they have for each subject area.

Halton-Peel - The Halton – Peel Branch Library is part of the Brampton Public Library, Four Corners Branch and their library catalogue is integrated with that of Brampton Public Library.

Kingston - Like in Halton – Peel, the Kingston Branch library is part of the Kingston Public library and the collection is housed in their local history section at the central branch of the library. Their books can be accessed through the public library catalogue.

Nipissing – The Nipissing Library is part of the Joan Duquette room in the North Bay Public Library. Branch volunteers staff it as often as possible to assist researchers. They have an excel spreadsheet listing their books.

Ottawa -  The Ottawa Branch has an online catalogue and their collection is in the City of Ottawa Archives. 

Quinte  -  The Quinte Branch has their library in the Quinte Genealogical Centre which is located in Quinte West Public Library. A list of the books in their collection is published in a pdf document available on their website.

York Region – The York Region Branch library is in the Richmond Hill Public Library. Their holdings are listed on their website and can also be found by searching the catalogue at the library.