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OGS Publications: Help! I’ve Inherited an Attic Full of History

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

attic_coverAlthea Douglas, MA, CG (C), UE


“What on earth do I do with all this stuff?”

For people who find themselves the custodians of a portion of history. Conducts the reader through the steps to gain control over the variety of material, advising how to evaluate and whether to maintain or dispose. Covers simple conservation and maintenance of items retained for sentimental or historical value. Includes a detailed glossary, useful ‘not before’ dates and suppliers’ addresses.

2003 184p

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OGS Publications: Time Traveller’s Handbook: A Guide to the Past

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

timetravellershandbookAlthea Douglas


“A great book for not only genealogists, but also historical fiction readers, Jane Austen fans, writers, and anyone else interested in history.” – Chandler Public Library News and Reviews, June 20, 2011 (accessed online June 22, 2011)

Do you know how long it took to sail across the Atlantic Ocean? Was it faster from east to west or west to east? Imagine sailing to India, a five-month trip around the Cape of Good Hope! No wonder late Victorians valued the steamship and the Suez Canal. What difference did the invention of the telephone or steam engine make to our ancestors’ lives? How much could you buy for 10¢ in 1840?

Time Traveller’s Handbook answers these questions and looks at “mythinformation” hand down by word of mouth. This sort of information can be found on the Internet – somewhere – but the researcher can waste a lot of time hunting for it.

In an entertaining and useful manner, Time Traveller’s Handbook brings together a lot of facts our ancestors once knew, took for granted and used regularly, and helps put your family history back into its context.

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OGS Publications: Genealogy, Geography, and Maps: Using Atlases and Gazetteers to Find Your Family

Friday, November 1st, 2013

gengeomapsAlthea Douglas


“The author’s ‘expertise in the subject and her passion for maps shows through every page… This book is something of a ‘tour de force’ and should be required reading in genealogy courses.”

- Pat Wohler, The Renfrew Weekender

“…a great starting point for North American readers who want to explore the world of maps in more depth.”

- Paul Milner, FGS Forum

No genealogist should try to work without maps. In clear language, using numerous illustrations, the author explains the many uses of all sorts of maps to trace your ancestors? roots and travels. The author illuminates the history of map-making and defines what was meant by Canada at various times. She draws examples from Europe and Africa to underline the changes, recent and ancient, that led people to migrate. A must for your reference collection!

2006 184p full colour illustrations index

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