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FYI: Availability of other 1921 Census Schedules

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Have you been wondering about schedules other than the personal population schedule for the 1921 Census? We certainly have. To this end, OGS President Shirley Sturdevant contacted LAC to find out when, and if, other 1921 Census schedules, such as the Agricultural Census, might be released. According to LAC, they only received the schedule that is now online, i.e., the personal population schedule, from Statistics Canada. They are now following up with Stats Canada to see if any additional schedules have been microfilmed and will update us when they have more information.

OGS will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates when we get them.

LAC Answers Questions about Release of 1921 Census

Monday, August 12th, 2013

On Monday, August 12, 2013 I was pleased to be contacted by M. Fabien Lengellé, Director General, Content Access Branch of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) who was very happy to answer questions about the release of the 1921 Census of Canada raised by members of The Ontario Genealogical Society.  I shall try to summarize his information below:

Why did LAC go to an outside source and eventually select Ancestry to manage this project?

Going to an outside provider:

  • Freed up LAC staff and funds for other important digitization projects such as the upcoming First World War commemoration project and the microfilm reel project with Canadiana, including the Upper Canada Sundries now available at:

Ancestry’s proposal was far better than the others submitted as it:

  • Offered  a fully bi-lingual solution, a robust IT platform and almost no production delays;
  • Was financially neutral to both users and the public purse – free access to the documents online; no staff time, effort or project coordination; no IT staff support; and, no cash investment from LAC;
  • Provides a broad network of free distributors across Canada – municipal libraries — which are covered by Ancestry province-wide licenses.  This provides free access almost everywhere and promotes libraries, which is one of the LAC mandates.

Does Ancestry now have exclusive rights to these images?

  • LAC retains all rights to the 1921 Canada Census and, after three (3) years, will get a copy of the index produced by Ancestry;
  • LAC will then publish the index on their own website through their recently redesigned census platform;
  • Other organizations are welcome to consult the census on the Ancestry site and prepare their own private index should it better meet their needs than the one created by Ancestry.

Why have the microfilms or images not been available at Library and Archives Canada until now?

  • LAC has a microfilm copy for preservation purposes only;
  • The free online images are a much better dissemination vehicle as they require no shipping and are available worldwide instantly.

How do people browse the free images?

  • Go to:; scroll down to the 1921 Census icon and click “Start browsing”;
  • Take a moment to read about the census, especially the questions asked;
  • Click “Start browsing” again;
  • On the right, choose a Province from the drop-down menu and a District.  Then scroll through the Sub-Districts below to find the description of the one you seek;
  • A screen saying “View Free Records with a Free Account” will appear the first time if you do not already have an Ancestry subscription.  This is not the same as a trial subscription;
  • Enter your name and an email address.  Ancestry requires an email address for this free account to browse free records but not financial information (e.g., credit card information);
  • If you are not comfortable providing your current email address, set up a free one first through Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or others who provide this service and use that one with Ancestry;
  • Access through a library computer can be done anonymously.

M. Lengellé wishes to acknowledge the daily help LAC receives from members such as ours who report errors in their census collection.  This collaboration benefits everyone.  I wish to thank M. Lengellé for contacting me with answers to our questions and for seeking others during the day when members contacted OGS about errors and image problems.  We plan to have further conversations in the near future to continue the renewed dialogue between Library and Archives Canada and The Ontario Genealogical Society.  I look forward to this opportunity.

Thank you all for your continued vigilance on behalf of our archival documents.

If further questions arise, please contact me at

Shirley L. Sturdevant, President

The Ontario Genealogical Society

FYI:Images of the 1921 Census of Canada are now available on

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

At approximately 2:00 pm, EST, images of the 1921 Census of Canada were posted on  At approximately 3:00 pm, EST, Library and Archives Canada posted the following on their website:

“Canadians can now browse the 1921 Census of the Canadian population, free of charge on

Researchers can explore the 197,529 pages of information through an index of districts and sub-districts. will also take the extra step of indexing 8.8 million names, addresses and other information for a searchable database, and developing advanced search tools to go along with it. Canadians will be required to pay for the extra convenience of doing advanced searches from their home. They will do this at their own cost, and will be offered a choice of free or paid access.

  • Free access will be possible in person at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and through hundreds of subscribing libraries across Canada.
  • Free access to raw census records will be available online.
  • Paid access will only be necessary if someone wants the extra convenience of doing advanced searches from home.”

To read LAC’s statement in its entirety, follow this link:

The census images are currently only searchable by geographic location.  If you are searching for your Ontario family members in the census, here is a link to the Ontario Locator to assist you in your search:
If you do not have a subscription to ancestry, follow this link to access the 1921 Census of Canada:

While We Wait….Instructions to Commissioners and Enumerators, 1921 Census of Canada

Monday, June 24th, 2013

While we, i.e., Canada and the World, wait with great anticipation for Minister Moore to stop messing about and release the much anticipated 1921 Census of Canada, here is a link to the 1921 Enumerator Instruction booklet from the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure project:

The booklet gives a complete breakdown of the questions each enumerator had to go through during each enumeration.  It is actually quite interesting reading, but we still want the 1921 Census Mr. Moore, and we want it NOW!

Why the delay??

FYI: 1921 Census of Canada

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Mark your Calendars!

According to the LAC website, the eagerly anticipated 1921 Census of Canada will be available to researchers within the next few weeks.

Here is the link to the official LAC website: