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On Our Website: Visit the e-store

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For years now, OGS has published and sold books and other genealogical materials. We are the largest publisher of genealogical books  in  all of Canada. 

And for years now, our books could be purchased only through attending a conference or by contacting the Provincial Office. Now, books can still be purchased this way and we look forward to seeing you at our conferences, but there’s no need to wait anymore.

Now you can buy books from our E-Store !

By clicking on the link above or by visiting our website, you can browse our new books and check out what’s on special . You can also search our Books by first letter to find a particular one.

To purchase a book, simply add it to your cart. When you’re done your shopping, you can view the items in your cart and then go through the secure check out process. Your books will arrive by mail.

To make the process shorter, you can also set up an account for yourself and simply log in, instead of filling out the purchase form all the time.

We sell books, CDs and DVDs as well as cemetery transcripts and microfiche indexes. We also sell the Ontario Vital Statistics microfilm reels on behalf of the Archives of Ontario and and archival supplies to help you preserve your family history treasures but these cannot be purchased online. You may view our offerings and then contact the office in order to make your purchases.

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    Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

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    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work