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Talk To Your MPP about Bill 126

Image: Evgeni Dinev, link below

Bill 126 has passed first reading and we need to keep the momentum going if we want the Bill to become a law. Read the Bill here

It’s great to sign a petition but what the government really needs to hear is your thoughts and feelings on the importance of cemetery preservation.

The preamble to the Act states that:

“Ontario’s cemeteries are unique repositories of human history and the resting places of human remains and associated artifacts like grave markers, tombstones and monuments. They are important elements of our collective heritage, a priceless authentic historical record of the past and witnesses to the continuity of life in Ontario. Many of Ontario’s cemeteries also contain significant ecological features invaluable to the natural heritage of Ontario.”

Cemeteries in Ontario, particularly those that are inactive, are under attack from those who would route roads through and build residential or commercial properties on them. This must not be allowed to happen.

If you feel likewise, you need to tell your government that this practice of allowing our cemeteries to be destroyed must be stopped. Form letters are ignored, therefore in your own words,

Tell them:

  1. The sanctity of the deceased is of paramount concern.
  2. The deceased have a right to rest in peace in the tradition and custom of their religion or beliefs at the burial site of their choosing.
  3. Common human dignity must be respected.
  4. The living must be responsible for the care of the deceased.
  5. The cultural heritage to which burial sites bear witness must be maintained to ensure the historical record for future generations.

If we don’t respect these places, it would be disastrous for the continuity of the historical record and our collective culture in this province.

Contact the following and tell them what you want them to do. You can use the telephone, email, postal mail or, if you see them on the street, stop and talk with them.

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario
Tim Hudak, Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
Andrea Horwath, Leader, New Democratic Party of Ontario
John Gerretsen, Minister of Consumer Services (responsible for cemeteries)
Your local M.P.P.

Contact information is at

Hearing from you personally is the best way to make sure that they understand that this Act is important to you and should be passed into Law.

Time is of the essence as this Bill has only had 1st Reading. It needs to pass 2nd Reading, go through Committee hearings and then pass a 3rd Reading before it can be put into use. An election is scheduled for October 2011 and there will be the usual long summer recess so there is not much time to get all of the work done.

Please get busy!!

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