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Call for Nominations

Are you interested in getting more involved in the running of OGS?


Do you have ideas and want your voice to be heard loud and clear?

If so, consider nominating yourself (or someone you admire) for a position on the OGS Board.

The Ontario Genealogical Society invites nominations from members, Branches and Regions of individuals willing to serve as officers of the Society. The two (2) officers to be elected for a two (2) year term (2011-2013) are:

Secretary and Vice-President, Finance

As officers of the Society, the elected candidates will serve on the Board of Directors, which meets four (4) times a year as well as at Conference to set policy governing the Society and guiding the Society toward its objectives. The individuals also will serve on the Executive Council which manages, supervises and co-ordinates the activities and programs of the Society on behalf of the Board and reports to the Board.

For more information and the nomination forms, visit the nominations page on our website

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