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Join OGS: Preserve the past for future generations

It’s Membership month here at the Ontario Genealogical Society. If you’re a current member, you have received or will soon receive your OGS membership renewal form with your November issue of Families. If you’re not a current member, now is the best time to join us to ensure you get a full year’s worth of OGS membership benefits.

So, why join OGS?

As genealogists, we know that information that is not specifically written down and shared can get lost easily. We’ve all had moments where we wished we’d thought to ask more questions of our relatives before they departed the earth. We want to preserve the past so that our children and grandchildren will know who they are and where they came from.

The Ontario Genealogical Society helps you do this by offering resources to help you do your research and teaching you how to do it the best way possible. We encourage our members (and all genealogists) to assemble their research and write it down as a book to share with your children and grand children.

We collect these books in our library so that the past will be preserved and we encourage you to add your story to our collection.

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